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  1. Anonymous

    Sounds good! I like your recipes, they don’t have many items listed, fills my curiousity about vegan/vegetarian items (I used to be vegetarian), and I can switch out one or two things since I do eat meat.

  2. Anonymous

    This recipe looks absolutely fantastic. Nothing is better than pasta, although I’m still not sold on the tempeh. Looks delicious though, almost worthy of drooling on my keyboard.

  3. Anonymous

    Wow, this looks amazing!!🙂Jeff EldridgeSan Diego

  4. Noelle

    Okay, this is perfect. I will be making this tomorrow night! Thanks a bunch!

  5. Noelle

    I made this tonight with brown rice spaghetti and loved it. The hubs ate it but he did not like it. ;( I liked it lots though! I know what tempeh tastes like.