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  1. noela

    Congrats! There are a lot of olympic athletes and professional athletes that are vegan or vegetarian, so you are definitely not alone! The world champion ultra marathon runner is also vegan. 🙂 And if THAT’s not a test of endurance, strength, and health, I don’t know WHAT is!! 🙂That mongolian restaurant looks delicious! My husband and I will have to go back to The Mongolie Grill sometime…we haven’t been there in years!

  2. Amber Shea

    Thanks! And Scott Jurek is most definitely a badass.You MUST go back to Genghis Khan! But be warned, it’s highly likely you’ll get sucked in, and then it will become a biological imperative that you return there every several weeks…

  3. The Organized Dreamer

    Ugh I’m so jealous! The closest I can find to Mongolian here in Portland, is nothing more than mediocre