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  1. The Organized Dreamer

    Hey Amber, love the blog! Those muffins look wonderful! I’ve been on the same sort of quest myself, I’ve been veggie for over 3 years, and have been recently been eliminating one animal by product at a time. I haven’t drank cows milk since I went veggie nor have I eaten gelatin. I just recently cut out eggs, and wanted to suggest that I’ve found 2 Tbls of ground flax seeds plus 3 Tbls of water serve for a wonderful egg replacer. I’ve been exchanging the flax for the eggs in many of my recipes, including my mother’s banana bread she’s been making since I was kid and it still turned out perfect. Anyway, It’s Katie Barnes, in case you didn’t realize. Keep up the blog! And the healthy eating habits!

  2. The Organized Dreamer

    P.S.-Her pumpkin muffins are delicious! My friend Ashley passed that one on to me 🙂