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  1. The Organized Dreamer

    You do know that Wild Oats is owned by Whole Foods, right? WF actually shut down a number of WO stores, including the one that was right down the street from us, here in Portland. My mom informs me that she can no longer find many of the items she used to at the 119th St. WO because of the WF take over. She inquired to one of the employees, whom stressed she wasn’t the only dissatisfied customer because of it.And to answer the question you posed about finding tempah here in Portland: Much to my dismay, the rumor that PDX is extremely vegetarian friendly, really only pertains to downtown proper. No where on my side of town, in any grocery store can I find tempah, let alone many of the vegetarian/vegan staples I so easily found in San Diego. The closest WF seems to be somewhere along 20th ST. I live off 174th and the cost to get there just isn’t worth the purchase. I can confidently say San Diego is far more veggie/vegan friendly than PDX.Glad to her your cruise was so relaxing! I could really use some relaxation, myself!

  2. Amber Shea

    Yeah, Whole Foods bought out Wild Oats awhile back, but I still call the 119th store Wild Oats (I think a lot of people still do). The selection has definitely changed, but for every item that I miss, there’s one that didn’t used to be there that I like.That sucks about the Whole Foods being so far away. I guess that area is more spread out than people realize, huh? Hopefully you at least have a good regular grocery store nearby!