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  1. Anonymous

    Good job Amber! Wow your site is really amazing.~Mom~

  2. Anonymous

    I had so much fun preparing this meal! I also made some spanish rice and fried plantains (which I love) to go with this. The flavor was really good, maybe a little strong for me, definitely too strong for my family, so I will tweak it a little next time.Can I just say how much I enjoy your website? I’m farely new to vegan cooking (less than a year) but I have never had more fun cooking and your website is full of great ideas. I can hardly keep up with all the good food you prepare! Thanks for sharing!G

  3. Amber Shea

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Can I ask you where you think the ‘strong’ flavor came from? I think I may know what you’re referring to. Personally, I think next time I’d replace the beer with vegetable broth; that might help, and I don’t care for beer anyway.This meal was quite an undertaking on its own (I just finished the last enchilada <>yesterday!<>), so I applaud you for making side dishes too! Those sound like great accompaniments. I LOVE fried plantains. I ate them every morning at breakfast on the cruise I took last November…what a delicious way to start the day.Thank you so much for reading/cooking/complimenting! I’m so happy to hear I have readers out there, and knowing that people are really making the food is a great feeling. Keep me posted on what you make and how you like it!

  4. Anonymous

    So I made a seven-layer dip using the filling from the enchiladas as a base and it turned out really good. Usually seven-layer dip is full of sour cream, cream cheese, shredded cheese, etc. I started with refried beans, then the avacado & black bean mixture, topped that with cut ripe tomatoes and olives, and sprinkled cilantro on top. Very tasty!G

  5. Amber Shea

    A double-bean dish? Be still my heart! I love that idea. I bet the crunchy chips contrasted wonderfully with the creamy avocado and beans.

  6. cecile

    I gave it a try this week. That was great !
    I really really like the combinaison of the filling and the tomato sauce.
    Thanks for sharing this with us !

    However, I have 2 concerns (in case you’re interested…) :
    – I am not sure I could translate that canola oil the right way (is it the same as rapeseed oil ?)… cause here (in France), we believe that rapeseed oil should never be heated. It becomes toxic. So I put olive oil instead.
    – I was not fully satisfied with the tomato sauce. I should try again replacing beer by broth or with red wine ? 😛 really not sure about that beer taste.

    Thanks you again for sharing this recipe, it enabled me to satisfy both me (vegetarian) and my boyfriend (not at all vegetarian). What a challenge ! 😉

  7. vegincowcountry

    Just found your blog – these enchiladas are going on my “to make SOON” list! I’m your newest follower, from the other side of State Line Road. 🙂