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  1. Kati

    Oh man, this looks scrumptious! I am just now getting into hummus so I know I would like this. I wonder if it would work in my magic bullet…I don’t have a food processor. Great vivid wording in describing the whole process!!

  2. Amber Shea

    Thanks! I’m certain this could be made in a magic bullet…and your cleanup will be way faster than mine!

  3. Penelope

    I love this recipe. I’ve found that the quickest way to clean a food processor is to fill it part way with warm water and a small amount of liquid dish soap. Put the lid back on and run it on high for a bit. It is like a mini dishwasher! I do the same thing with my blender. Then I rinse with hot water. If it still needs a bit more, I just toss the bits in the dish washer.

  4. Amber Shea

    Penelope—You know, that’s how I clean my blender every time, but for some strange reason I never clean my food processor that way. I’ve got to remember to start doing that!

  5. Rebecca Stucki

    I love, love, love this dip, but I make it with a tablespoon of fresh rosemary instead of the parsley. Try it with Food Should Taste Good sweet potato tortilla chips and you will swoon!