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  1. Henry

    This really isn’t fair, your Daal looks so much better then mine. I’m curious though, no cilantro in the sauce itself? I’d better start cooking up a storm again.

  2. Amber Shea

    I didn’t cook it into the sauce, but when I was storing leftovers I just mixed it in. I think the flavor stays brighter if you leave it uncooked.

  3. John

    This looks great. I’ll give a try. Thanks for posting it! My vegan wife and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  4. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Amber, I made this tonight and it was scrumptious! Had to make a few subs based on what I had on hand and to adjust to my taste buds. I had Tandoori Masala, but not Garam Masala, so that’s what I used. Also had to use petite diced tomatoes in garlic and olive oil, not with chiles…and I didn’t even have any hot jalepenos or anything in my fridge! That’s just craziness…there are always tons of peppers at my house. But made do with that, AND I added in extra smokey paprika, some dried cumin in place of seeds, and a few hefty dashes of already-blended curry. Also some cayenne for heat. I had some baby carrots that needed to be consumed, so I diced the finely and threw them in. Gave a nice pop in color and a slight sweetness to the dish overall. I threw in a fairly generous handful of cilantro in with the mix as well as extra on top for garnish. I really love cilantro. 🙂 And it’s so filling…I got full just taking bites here and there over the stove. But I made a batch of Indian rice and have it all ready for this week. Will probably freeze some and taking some with tomorrow for a bodywork exchange. We *try* to stick to healthy, New-Agey food…doesn’t always turn out that way. My meat-eating husband won’t enjoy it which means leftovers for me. Thanks for posting this so long ago!