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  1. Kati

    Yummers! That green is so pretty :> Sounds delish!

  2. Anonymous

    I just bought Brendan’s book too and look forward to reading it. I tried this dip, it definitely looks good, but the taste was a little too exotic for me. Any suggestions for toning it down? I thought I could try two avocados and less spinach? I would like to play around with it a little and find a milder version because I think it could be really good. G

  3. Amber Shea

    G—That’s great that you got the book!
    I can see how this dip might be too strong for some palates. It may help to decrease the spinach…you may also want to try it with less seasoned salt (I think that’s what makes the flavors really take off), or perhaps less (or no) curry powder. A little more lemon juice may also help tame it.