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  1. Kati

    That’s so cool that you were in Dallas! (I can’t remember off the top of my head where you’re from) but Dallas is about 30 min away from me. Man, your meals look amazing! And now I totally have to track down one of those ginormous sticky buns- OMG!!!

  2. Amber Shea

    You live near Dallas? You lucky lady! You have so much yumminess at your fingertips. Which city exactly are you in? (I live in KC, btw.)

    You REALLY have to try Cosmic Café and Breadwinners, as well as Monica’s (from last year’s entry). I’m jealous of your proximity! :]

  3. Matt (No Meat Athlete)

    “Best baklava in Kansas” is very funny to me, for some reason! But I don’t doubt that it was great.

    I think it’s neat that you go to so many ethnic restaurants. This is something I’ve discovered only since I became vegetarian. Before that, I thought being vegetarian meant that when you went out to eat, you went to a normal place and got a crappy veggie wrap. But there’s so much better food out there from cultures that don’t eat nearly as much meat as we do in the U.S.

  4. Amber Shea

    It IS funny! But hey, it was tasty, so if that’s their claim to fame, so be it :]

    I completely agree. The fact that I only eat a couple veggie burgers a year, and that (I’m a weirdo, I know) I don’t like salad, says a lot about the enormous number of vegetarian/vegan offerings out there. I think people should venture outside their comfort zone more often!

  5. Jamey

    Glad you had a good time in Dallas. It’s definitely becoming a great spot for vegans and (almost) vegans 🙂

    If you ever make the full “plunge” into vegan, you’ll still have a great time here.

    Oh, and I was at that NIN concert last year too, that was probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen…

  6. Amber Shea

    Matter of fact, I’m kinda sorta enamored with Dallas. As soon as I leave, I can’t wait to get back. And I’ve had wonderful luck eating vegan there!

    The Dallas NIN show was my favorite of that tour. Such a tragedy he won’t be touring anymore!

  7. Anonymous

    Oh.my.god. That bananas foster belgain waffle looks so good I think I’m drooling. But most of all, that hummus we had (at the very top) was so spectacular!!

  8. Henry

    I’m craving Cosmic cafe and Breadwinners again… btw would you like some home made peanut butter for delicous pb and bananananana deserts, I think I made too much…

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