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  1. fenwickrazzleberry

    That looks tasty!

  2. Erika

    That looks awesome!

  3. Scoperta

    Though it’s not really my thing, it does look rather interesting, in a good way.

  4. Amber Shea

    Thanks, guys! I know it’s pretty “out there,” but I was very pleasantly surprised at how tasty it turned out to be.

  5. Hillary

    Looks good to me! I think to facilitate a crispier crust I’d try baking the quinoa layer first a few minute before adding the rest of the toppings. For personal preference, I’d probably do lentils instead of black-eyed peas (since I can’t stand black-eyed peas!).

    You’ve inspired me to create my own food blog. People get sick of me talking about all the things I make over on Facebook (haha).

  6. Amber Shea

    Lentils would be yummy too, good call.

    You should! Then we can be food blog buddies and I’ll link to you and you’ll link to me and together we’ll inspire legions of culinary followers…or at the very least, we’ll just read each other’s!

  7. Mike

    This is my favorite recipe so far. Keep up the good work Amber!!

  8. Sundara

    I just made this for dinner and i’m waiting for it to be done. I am excited !!! I like your blog…I have very similar eating styles, except i like salads!!

    keep it up!

  9. Jeremy

    I just made one and I thought maybe it didn’t come out right so I’m totally glad you posted this with photos! Yes, it was indeed more like a flat casserole. I liked it! Next time, I’ll spread it all out more so that it cooks more evenly–we piled a lot of the toppings on so it probably could have cooked longer. I’d like to try cooking the crust separately so see if it comes out crispier. Will definitely try it again.

  10. Ronya Williams

    Im making this Sunday night!

  11. Stu

    I cooked this recipe last night from Brendan’s book. I was curious how you stored and reheated your leftovers (if you had any?)

    My batch made 6 slices which are quite big and thick. I suppose it depends on the size dish you use.

  12. Stu

    I apologize for zombifying an old thread! However, I am happy to have found your website by way of the Google Gods. From another Linguist/Metalhead/Health Freak, it’s nice to meet you.

    I’ll crawl through your archives and make some comments along the way. For the meantime, I certainly appreciate your comments on “almost vegan” as I think I am on a similar path (except my own see-saws on Vegetarian and Vegan more or less, and call it “mostly vegan” but whatever, labels are blah). Nonetheless, I might be a fruitarian this week and raw vegan next. I’m a long distance cyclist (and runner) so evolution of my diet is key to support my very active lifestyle.