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  1. Hillary

    I see lentils! That’s my favorite on this page, though the custard dessert makes me wish I was more of a baker than I am 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Okay, this food looks way better. In fact it just looks highly delicious. Well… besides the pizza. I’ve grown highly fond of the Hawaiian pizzas that they have here in Germany. Phenomenal, and really cheap.

  3. Amber Shea

    Oh, but the pizza was gooood…they had zillions of topping options, so you’d be able to concoct something tailored to your tastes. Not surprisingly, I’m not into Hawaiian pizza…but the Turkish food in Germany? Grab yourself some of that!

  4. Anonymous

    Mmmm…I would have loved to join you at Hell Pizza! What a unique name for a restaurant…and how was that magazine?!


  5. LindseyB

    I want to check out that Hell Pizza place!

  6. scoperta78

    Your photos look great! I’ve been meaning to leave you something complimenting you on this, so here goes.

    The shots of the food and bev. that are outdoors (daytime of course), or next to windows end up using more natural light which is oh so much more flattering when doing photography, especially anything food related. You have an excellent eye for details, and accomplish quite a lot with a point-and-shoot.