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  1. scoperta78

    This looks amazing! I’m going.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m definitely not sold on the food, but the atmosphere looks absolutely amazing!

  3. Amber Shea

    It was! I know what you mean about the food; root vegetables and “hearty” stuff aren’t really my thing, so I knew French food (excluding the bread and pastries!) wouldn’t be my favorite. But just you wait, it only gets tastier!…

  4. Anonymous

    Amber – I am thrilled you were able to experience this. And knowing it’s just the beginning of a 5 week journey, wow, what lies ahead? How does it get any better than your night on the town (PARIS, NO LESS). cjlf

  5. Anonymous

    …than your FIRST night on the town, that is. cf

  6. Missy

    Oh my gosh…fantastic blog…..great pics and interestin descriptions of the food. Honestly, Amber, you should write a book! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Anonymous

    Oh WOW! Kir sounds amazing, as did that marvolous meringue dessert! And the Eiffel Tower must have been beautiful…


  8. LindseyB

    It looks like you ate a ton of good food on your trip. I am jealous. We should have a dinner party sometime soon!

  9. LindseyB

    Oh, and the profiteroles look absolutely yummy!

  10. Hillary

    The scenery looks amazing….especially the restaurant in a cave. I surprised you went for the French onion soup, given it’s beef broth base, but I agree that if you must try that soup, France is the place to do it.

    The meringue dessert looks ridiculously amazing.

    And now I want to go to France and use my rusty French to order kir.

  11. Amber Shea

    Yeah, it was a had-to-take-the-opportunity-to-try-it thing. If I liked it, I would have come home and tried to replicate it using vegetable broth, but it was not meant to be.

    The meringue was like a cloud…totally melt-in-your-mouth. Mmm. And I became verrry fond of kir—perhaps we should make a poor man’s kir for the next party…

  12. Patsy

    I love it…I’ve read it all. You are a wonderful writer as I was totally captured by your blog. Thanks for sharing!

    The Vegan in the Air with the pictures made me hungry!!

  13. Dad

    Very proud. Very proud of you.

  14. Cindy Jaixen

    I love french onion soup and the word kir. I’m going to use it next time I have a pre-meal drink. Very interesting.