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  1. Cheryl

    Hard to believe any one place can accommodate 300,000 people at one time. My gosh! And 18 ft. letters, you must’ve felt like a mouse in a mansion! These pictures are awesome and all the food looks yummy!!! Mmm, gelato!

  2. Mike

    you are a nerd.. or at least nerd is your nougat center.. your outside i guess could be considered vanilla wafer.. but i’m not sure..

    p.s. you have yet to make me food..

  3. Brett

    So as a connoisseur of tiramisu, I’m curious if it too is the “best you’ve ever had”?

  4. Henry

    I’m going to Rome… I’ll be back, possibly never. Tell everyone I’ve gone to die a happy happy man.

  5. Tyler M

    The pesto linguine looks amazing… I’m so jealous.

  6. Tanya Alekseeva

    hehe ‘a nerd to the core, and proud of it! love it! You are way too cute and thank you so much for forwarding this post as rome suggestion to me. Im not a pasta fan at all actually buti love tasting all those sauces so i can go home and invent a raw version 🙂 🙂