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  1. Cheryl

    These ruins would be fascinating to see. Also like the dusk landscape at Mykonos.

  2. Brett

    French fries on a gyro, that’s great! I’d probably have done it sooner or later, but now I can say “It’s authentic” when stared at strangely. Lovely picture of Mykonos at dusk.

  3. Ricky Peterson

    Very informative post. Mykonos is small island in Greece.Mykonos Island is a happening place.Enjoy the cool atmosphere on the Elia Beach. Don’t forget to visit Pierro’s Bar. For more details refer Mykonos Island

  4. Trish

    The schwarmas all over Europe also have ‘chips’ inside. 🙂 My husband introduced me to these in France back in October (he played on the French National Basketball Team close to a decade ago and apparently lived on these things–he wasn’t a fan of ‘regular’ French food–cheese and wine, haha). I lived in Germany off and on as a young child but really wasn’t exposed to too much food outside of my Oma’s cooking. But she had Turkish neighbors and I was could often go inside of their homes and play with the children, and they always gave me little biscuits and danishes of some kind to eat, along with tea.