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  1. Cheryl

    Fascinating,the views are beautiful. Luscious looking Greek pastries. One being baklava, what were the other two?

  2. Angela

    That is one big bridge! Over what body of water is it?

  3. Ken

    I am very impressed with your style of writing and your photography skills.

  4. Ricky Peterson

    Nice pics. Dodecanese Islands is a located in south east of Greece. Dodecanese Islands is in three categories such as Northern, Central and Southern Dodecanese. Patmos Island is one of the Northern Dodecanese Islands. Here climate is also very nice In the month of august most of tourist visit. There are many attractions such as port of Skala, Skala is the Kambos village, church of the Annunciation, Kambos beach, Cave of Apocalypse.For more details refer Patmos island greece