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  1. Kati @ Living Well

    Please tell me you’re going to post recipes for everything you showed here! Those blondies look divine and I’m going to have to look up the lentil taco salad. You WERE busy!

  2. Josh

    But where are the recipes? That ice cream sounds delicious!

  3. Amber Shea

    Kati & Josh—A couple of these recipes I may post in the future (Lichtenauer brownies, coconut ice cream), and others I’ll probably remake and then blog about (lentil tacos, PB-white choc blondies).
    I hate to admit it, though, but many of them I ::cringe:: didn’t save! I cooked and baked so many things over the last few months…most of these are ones that I didn’t take full series of pictures for :[ I’m sorry! But rest assured I DID photograph quite a few others (lemon berry pound cake, garlic roasted potatoes, Nutella cookies, and more) that will be making their appearances here soon. 😀

  4. Lindsey

    I had no idea you had an ice cream maker. That’s awesome! We should totally have an ice cream making party sometime.

  5. Cheryl

    All your desserts look fantastic whether they’re shown pre-baked or finished! Was going to point out which specifically caught my eye but in looking over all of them, I can’t choose.

  6. Anonymous

    Those butterscotch brownies were amazing! They did not last long. 🙂