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  1. Cheryl

    Great looking potatoes for breakfast OR dinner!

  2. Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!)

    yum … !

  3. Kati

    I think I could make this 🙂 Could I sub reg mayo though? And I don’t have garlic paste :/ I need to eat more potatoes- other than mashed!

  4. Amber Shea

    Kati—Yes, you can definitely sub regular mayo. And don’t worry about the garlic paste, just mince up 1 clove of garlic really finely and whisk that into the sauce :]

  5. Anonymous

    Okay, I MUST make these soon!


  6. Em Crouch

    nom nom nom!

  7. Beth Br00tality

    cumin garlic aioli? i love you…