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  1. McKella

    This stuff all looks yummy, especially the Mongolian Grill stuff and the pizzas! I’m still looking for a vegan cheeze I like, but pictures of pizzas like this give me hope:)

  2. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    The sushi looks amazing as do those cupcakes!!!!

  3. Cheryl

    Mmm, the gelato, meatball subs and homemade pizza look wonderful, not to mention the mocha cupcakes!

  4. Hannah

    *waves* Hi! I shall forgive you the lack of cinnamon pecan milk as OMG head explode this all looks so good! I’ve already clicked through to the mocha cupcakes, sighed with envy over your access to good gelato (though to be fair, I haven’t looked for it in Canberra yet), and genuflected before your domestic goddessery.

    You awe me. (I’ve decided that’s a legitimate phrase).

    Also, um, you know our eventual bloggie-swap? I’ve decided I want a Vitamix in mine. Thanks! 😀 😀

  5. Hannah

    That’s some fancy looking sushi! I love new combos like that… Sure wish more places would get creative with the classics, and have more vegan options too.

  6. John B

    Hey Amber, I had no idea you were so hardcore about your diet. That is very impressive! As is your dedication to your cooking.

    Your dishes all look really delicious. Congratulations on cultivating such skills. 🙂

  7. Amber Shea

    McKella—Since I never liked cheese, I’m not a big fan of “cheeze,” but I will say this almond-jack stuff was probably the tastiest I’ve had.

    Averie & Cheryl—Thanks! The consensus on those cupcakes was that they were some of my best ever.

    Aussie-Hannah—You are just too damn kind to me! I’m really not that cool/great/interesting, I swear. Allow me to genuflect before you for your use of the word “genuflected.” Love it!

    Bittersweet-Hannah—I love creativity in sushi too, and there definitely needs to be more out there for vegans besides boring carrot-cucumber-avocado rolls.

    John—Thanks for stopping by! I hope you keep reading (and PS, it was awesome seeing you at Buzzard and Gusto last weekend!).