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  1. fitandfortysomething.com

    that looks great! thank you for understanding about my weight gain and hopeful weight loss! i have added you to my blogroll 🙂

  2. Helen (Fuss Free Flavours)

    That looks lovely Amber. I need to bake some cake with fruit in. Whenever I read “Coffee Cake” in an American book of blog I always forget that is describes cake to have with coffee not a cake that tastes of coffee and end up scanning the ingredients looking for coffee wondering where it is!

  3. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    omg those look amazing! my mom as a kid used to make rasp bars w/ fresh raspberries from my dad’s garden and omg so good. very similar concept except she used lots more sugar, brown and white and oats

    the raw vegan apple crumble i make and have blogged about is very similar, no bake, and GF too (vegan of course)

    yum to yours!

  4. Amanda

    These look so so delish!! I love exploding blueberries especially when they are in season!

  5. tasteofbeirut

    I love the blueberries oozing out of the cake!

  6. Hannah

    Dearest Amber,
    While I have deep and abiding appreciation for all berries and cannot wait to see more of your creations (particularly when they include my current favourite spice, cinnamon), I do have two words of warning for you that I would be remiss not to mention:

    Violet Beauregarde.

    Yours sincerely,

    P.S. I’d love you anyway.

  7. idreamoftahini

    Wow those look incredible. I’m craving berries right now!

  8. Amber Shea

    Fit&40—You’re very welcome! You’re on my blogroll too :]

    Helen—Haha, you’re right. That is quite a misnomer, isn’t it?

    Averie—Mmm, raspberries bars are always great…I need give your raw apple crumble a whirl this summer!

    Amanda & tasteofbeirut—Thanks! Oh yeah, berry explosions are the bomb. So to speak.

  9. Amber Shea

    Hannah—HAHA! Oh, you cracked me up with that (plus, I ADORE Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!). You also reminded me of a time in high school, when I worked at Little Caesar’s Pizza and had blue hair. A man brought his 5ish-year-old daughter in to pick up a pizza, and she asked him, “Daddy, why is her hair blue?” He very matter-of-factly and straight-facedly replied to her, “Well, honey, she ate a lot of blueberries.”

    idreamoftahini—Thank you! Berries are my favorite fruits, and I always crave them big-time in the summer :]

  10. Hannah

    I think that’s a very dangerous comment for a parent to make to his child. What if that little girl decided she wanted pink hair, and spent three years eating nothing but smoked salmon? Sure, her omega 3 levels would be good, but the sodium would kill her.

    *shakes head*

  11. Amber Shea

    Hannah—Goodness, I would hope the child would make the berry association and just go for raspberries, but that would indeed be a tragic instance of thoughtless parenting if she opted for smoked salmon.:P