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  1. Hannah

    Oooh! I can make this! (I know that sounds odd, but my mother is allergic to tomatoes, so for 23 years I've been unable to make tomato-based pasta sauces. In fact, any pasta really, as it took a long time for good gluten-free pastas to show up here.)
    Also, it really was written in the stars that we'd become friends, because who else would be able to tell you that WHEN you come to Australia, beware the "marinara" title – in Australia, marinara refers to a seafood-filled tomato sauce 🙂

  2. fitandfortysomething.com

    this looks fabulous! i love a good sauce 🙂

  3. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    damn girl look at all those sauce linkbacks you gave…you're the saucy queen!if you make the crackers and fully dehyd them, lmk how it works…I havent the patience. I HATE The sound of the dehyd and use it as little as possible.:)

  4. tasteofbeirut

    That's it????? I can't believe how easy this is! I like the 10 to 12 cloves of garlic! and the balsamic vinegar or wine kick. All in all it is a marinara I want to try because i can see so many uses for it~even with poached eggs.

  5. Kristen @ Change of Pace

    SO simple and SO easy! I bet it would freeze well too! 🙂

  6. Hannah

    Believe it or not, I've never made my own red sauce. I think it's about time to change that! I'll definitely be using your recipe when my crop of tomatoes finally comes in. 🙂

  7. Cheryl

    Looks/sounds perfect. You can't go wrong anytime you're creating with onions and garlic!

  8. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Yum! I love making homemade marinara sauce! Your recipe sounds good! 🙂

  9. Matt

    As soon as she was done with it, we ate it with a large french roll and it was superb. I'm a huge fan.

  10. Spaghetti & vegan meatballs « Almost Vegan

    […] Amber Shea @Almost Vegan As promised, here is the perfect dish over which to serve last entry’s perfect marinara sauce. I used A Vegan For Dinner’s TVP meatball recipe, tweaking it here and there to make it my own. […]

  11. Kelley

    Ooooooh Amber I feel like we know you, I’m off all my meds and 50% less insulin in my pump and hubby is down 80 pounds and looks amazebolls. I’m SO happy for this recipe, thannk you <3 But…ummm….is that a package of Oreos in one of those pics? Just sayin'…lol.

  12. Kristel Hayes

    Okayyy…holy yum! Made this sauce for my hubby, who’s a canned sauce junkie, and it got a triple thumbs up! I managed to forget the tomato paste at the store, but 1/4 cup of sundrieds did the trick…oh, and FYI, this sauce was the maiden voyage for my NEW & very first Vitamix!!! Perfect marinara over brown rice pasta (with pizza kale chips on the side) was such a fun way to celebrate.

  13. Kathleen

    going to try this tonight. I have tried several other recipes but have not found one I like… I grew up with jarred sauces and love prego! I have not bought it in ages and just deal with not liking the homemade as much… but I have high hopes for this one since its from another jarred sauce lover!

  14. Dana

    Hey Amber. This might sound like a silly question but I’m never really sure which onion to choose when a recipe calls for one (yellow, sweet, brown, or white). It seems I always go for the sweet onions but these can also get as large as softballs (I can’t imagine that is what you are referring to when you say two large onions in this recipe). (?) So could you clear up this ridiculous dilemma of mine and perhaps give me a guesstimation in approx. diameter of the onions you’re using here? Oy veeey. I know, I know. But yes, THIS marinara sounds heavenly and I can’t wait to make it! 🙂 Thanks so much!

  15. Dana

    Hey Amber, me again. As I was looking over your recipe once again (I was just about to share my excitement of finding your recipe with my girlfriend, because we were JUST talking about wanting a really good marinara sauce) and while looking at your photos, (I like to sort of study and analyze things (lol)), in the third to the last photo, I could swear I see rosemary in the mix of seasonings…and what’s funny, it even looks like you threw in some buckwheat groats in there to boot (lol) which I KNOW can’t be. That’s got to be the oregano. I do realize one could pretty much personalize any recipe by adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that to their liking but, I am curious to know if that is what you added here (rosemary)? I love rosemary but also know that could change the intended flavor of your sauce if I add it.

  16. Dana

    Hey Amber, gosh, I apologize for bugging you, yet again, with another Q, but I’m about to make your wonderful sauce and noticed that all I have on hand are “fire roasted” crushed tomatoes. I’m hesitant to use them since they might alter the flavor (?). Don’t know if this would be a good thing or not. Just curious to know IF you happened to ever use them and if so, did you enjoy the flavor as much. I’m running out to the store anyway so it wouldn’t be a big deal for me to pick up the reg. non-fire roasted. Hope you get this soon as I’m planning to leave shortly. If not, I think I’ll pick up the reg. ones anyway. I have a feeling I will be making this sauce often. :). Thanks for your time! Dana

  17. Dana

    I guess I’ll have to leave that decision up to my girlfriend (geesh). She’s the one who also leans away from “smoky” foods/flavors. Good to know and again, thank you!!! Have a great rest of your Sunday. 🙂

  18. Dana

    Hey Amber ~ I just wanted to tell you that we finished dinner about a 1/2 hr. ago and you were right on the money with this sauce. FAAANTASTIC! Thanks to you, I have finally found a very tasty AND ridiculously easy marinara that will be used over and over again. Thank you! …and by the way I bought your cookbook about 3 wks ago and LOVE so much about it (especially the hummus chapter! High five to hummus!). 🙂 …so looking forward to making many of your dishes/concoctions. …don’t have my dehydrator yet but plan on getting it real soon (Excalibur for sure).