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  1. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Oh my god that looks and sounds absolutely delicious! You always go to the best places to eat! I'm so jealous! I wish there were more places like this in Denver.

  2. fitandfortysomething.com

    amber i am so jeolous! that looks so incredible. what an amazing dinning experience. lucky you!

  3. Megan @ Healthy Hoggin

    Hi! I just found your blog, and I was excited to see that you're in Kansas City– my home town! I live in LA at the moment, but I still visit KC quite often for work. :)I'm so jealous you got to try 105 Degrees!

  4. Pure2raw Twins

    So glad that you got to eat at 105! Isn't the best place ever 🙂 They really have great smoothies, and that dessert looks to die for!

  5. Lewis

    That was really awesome!

  6. Laury Ann

    WOW, how amazing Matthew Kenney wrote you!!!!I am SOOOO jeal of the peeps that get to attend 105 degrees…I WISHHHHH they had one in Philly 🙁 I'd be there in a HEART BEAT!!!How exciting for you!! Good luck!!!!!!

  7. Hannah

    *whimper**whimper*That dessert. That dinner. Those smoothies. Amber, can we pinky-promise to go here WHEN WHEN WHEN I come visit? Otherwise I don't know whether it'll be worth going on with life. Honestly, something inside my hurts right now. Canberra has… not this. Nothing like this.*whimper*

  8. landanimal

    coconut butter? that's a thing? I need it now!Also, I'm very fascinated by those cups. Biodegradable is good, but was manufacturing them a sustainable process? I wonder.

  9. Hail Merry

    I LOVE 105 Degrees… such a great place! Next time you're in Dallas, we'd love to meet up with you and give you some of our raw, vegan goodies! We're currently in TX, NM, OK, LA, and NY, but we might be making our way up to Kansas City soon! We're a raw, vegan, gluten-free snack food company called Hail Merry – http://www.hailmerry.com … sorry we missed you over Memorial Day! You coming back anytime soon? =)

  10. Angela

    I am so excited to have found another amazing blog I can read! I will be checking back often. I am doing a project that has me making a recipe every day by Matthew Kenney, I am using his Everyday Raw and Entertaining and I have been so blessed to have been sent some new recipes. Check it out. http://www.livingrawesome.com

  11. Marly

    Hi AmberWhat a great post. I really want to go to 105 and have been hesitant because of the drive. Do you think they'd open a franchise in KC??? Well, maybe the drive makes it even all the better. Thanks for the post – I'll let you know when we go out there. Marly

  12. tasteofbeirut

    All I knew of Matthew Kinney was: another great-looking young chef; no idea he was a specialist of raw food, plus that his food was so stylishly presented! I am now, thanks to your review, dying to stop by his place and hoping he would consider opening one in Beirut! We have amazing fresh fruits and veggies and he could have a ball! (now my grey matter is churning, french chefs are coming here, why not him?) So cool to get a hello personally from him, sounds like the man is a great guy too!

  13. Matt

    OK, that is awesome. I'm am totally excited for you now. I mean, I went with you. I heard the stories. I ate the food. And now you get an email from the guy who made it all happen? That's super!

    Here's what I noticed immediately about the place. It didn't smell terrible. I can't say the same about the place in LA, which smelled like a musty shoe (and people acted as though they didn't smell it!! A total emperor's-new-clothes scenario).

    Anyway, you're awesome!

  14. Helen (Fuss Free Flavours)

    Oh my goodness that is amazing! I have yet to get to Saf, which is daft of my as it is a mere 20 munite bus ride away and really cheap before 7pm!

  15. Hannah

    Wow, that all sounds and looks amazing! I think it might be worth a trip to OK just to check this place out!

  16. Michael @ Herbivoracious.com

    I keep hearing about this place, which is pretty amazing consider it is probably 1500 miles from where I live (Seattle). Neat to see what the food looks like, quite delicious. I've had some pretty bad raw experiences, nice to know there are good examples out there too.

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  19. Ellen (lapuremama)

    YUM! I am so intrigued by raw food… we have one lowly raw restaurant and it’s pretty darn good. Sounds fun! One question: vegan honey gelato? Sounds delicious but honey isn’t vegan 🙂 I know you know that though! 🙂

  20. Jess@HealthyExposures

    ahhhh, if only, if only; can’t this restaurant be everywhere in the world? or, at least maybe vermont?! haha. probably not, I’m not sure how receptive people around here would be but I might be able to keep themi n business single-handedly. Everything looks perfect. And that is so awesome that you received such a nice thank-you from Matt himself. It’s little things like that that say so much about him as a person, not just a chef!