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  1. fitandfortysomething.com

    those elixirs sound so yummy! what fun 🙂

  2. landanimal

    Bliss is the right word from the looks of it!

  3. Hannah

    Just before you commented on how gorgeous the meals were, I was thinking 'Raw food is so pretty! It's like the [insert favourite token pretty celebrity] of the Food-World Hollywood!
    And that dessert… cheesecake is something I'm occasionally helpless in the face of, so a raw cheezecake sounds o-mazing.

  4. Tracy

    All of your eats look amazing! Glad you're having fun in Dallas!

  5. Marly

    I agree – this recipe looks appropriately named. Looks like a lot of food. I bet that was filling. I can NOT imagine not eating greens. I love 'em. But since we're into vegan confessions of hated veggies…I can't stand raw tomatoes. I promised myself I would work on it this summer, but I can't seem to bring myself to eat them. I'm going to keep trying…

  6. tasteofbeirut

    Had no idea this place even existed in Dallas; so definitely on my required meal out list for next time I am in town!

  7. Brett

    You did not just use “rawesome” in a blog post…no wait…you did. That place looks really good. Wish I'd known about it before my San Antonio trip.

  8. Eric

    Wow that's sad I never tried this place while around those parts. The tacos looked amazing. Oh and I do have a vegan friend who hates most fruits and vegetables so your not alone 🙂

  9. Hannah

    Oh, you're too kind! I've never thought of entering a beauty pageant, but if you really do think I'm an international food hottie… 😀 😀

  10. Matt

    That yellow drink was rawdiculously good! (see what I did there 🙂 )

    Actually, everything there was better than expected. The "burger" was pretty decent. But what struck me the most were the condiments. The red stuff and the white goop were really tasty. If it's not known already, I hate white creamy things, except for ice cream and whip cream. Otherwise, hate hate detest and more hate for white creamy things. Cream cheese, mayonnaise, cottage cheese, etc. My point: this was the first white creamy thing I have liked in a long while.

    And since I don't like cream cheese, it would naturally follow that I dislike cheese cake… which is the case. Fortunately, I didn't let that bias stop me from having this "cheese cake". It was as advertised. (I almost said "de-lish" but that would be just a bit too metro.)

    In summation, I can now get down with some of this raw stuff (though not all).

    Yours truly,
    Amber's boyfriend

  11. Jenny

    Hey! I also just read your Spiral Diner post, then came over to this one because I wanted to know how it was. We totally planned on having a meal here, also, on our Dallas trip, but it didn’t work out. I’m definitely going to next time. I think I would have ordered the raw tacos, too.

    I’m proud of you for eating lettuce! 🙂