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  1. Hillary Dyan Davis

    This looks absolutely amazing! I’m sad I didn’t try it at Lindsey’s party (I’m still a little gun-shy after the sugar-free egg nog fiasco–haha). Now that I know these ingredients are safe, I will definitely be giving it a try! Will there be any on the party bus, or is it too much to ask that you make a cake for your own party? (if so, I’m more than willing to make your cake from your recipe and bring it along)

  2. Hannah

    Trust you to make me forget me disinterested-cake stance and convince me, with merely the power of your words (and photos), that I shouldn’t be so cake-judgemental! 😛 My weekend? Well, on the 4th of July I’m going out to a restaurant at a vineyard, but that’s for my grandma’s 81st… ’cause, you know, in Australia we don’t tend to celebrate America’s independence 😀

  3. katiivey

    Oh wow, that looks divine. I have a long weekend and was just thinking, “I’d love to make a fabulous chocolate cake!” I don’t have 4 of your ingredients though :/ It sounds and looks amazing though! And love the new site :>

  4. Ksenia

    Congrats for moving to your own domain 🙂 It has been certainly a good move: it will avoid you changing a thousand times you URL in case you change of blogging platform. Although, Google rates higher websites with their own domain 😀

    This cake looks awesome. I almost didn’t care when I saw the calorie count per serving 😛 But being a chocolate lover, having a cake like this near would be a danger for me: I’d finish half of it by myself, he he.

    Hmmm….I have never tried using coconut oil for the frosting. Have you tried putting it in the fridge? Coconut oil is solid when cold, so it should hold better.

  5. Jessica R

    I’ve been reading your blog (at airport) and I LOVE it! I’m a former vegan and would really like to get back on the wagon. I’m moving soon to a new apt and I can’t wait to track down all of the ingredients for your recipes!!!

    Nothin better than making recipe and grocery lists during a layover…think I’m gonna make choc cake or pumpkin cupcakes first!

  6. Nick S

    That sounds soo damned good. I just wish I wasnt allergic to chocolate

  7. fitandfortysomething

    oh i love the new look of your blog! and the cake looks even better 🙂 that frosting looks so delish. i bet it would be good on top of ice cream……..love the sound of your weekend plans…..enjoy the watermelon 😉

  8. BitterSweet

    Mmm, can’t go wrong with chocolate cake. Love how the frosting stays so fudgy! It’s like a built-in chocolate sauce. 🙂

  9. Amanda

    Hey! Deeelish looking cake, I love how moist it looks! And congrats on the move!! I’m having ish with loading the new feed on my reader, but I’m hoping once it resettles itself all will be well!! 🙂

  10. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    congrats on the new site!

    and that you may be in a hot tub getting your drinky drink on right about now. NICE!

    also PDAs, girl you’re young and life is all about pda’s right now. have fun 🙂

  11. Diana @ VEGeneration

    Oh my gosh… I’m drooling over the cake!

    One question — Are you liking wordpress better than blogspot? I found your site through someone’s blogroll and I saw that you were originally at blogspot. I’m not sure if I also want to switch.

    And btw I really like your blog 🙂 I would also call myself almost vegan, so everything is really relatable to me!

  12. PABradley

    Great post! 😀

  13. Char @ www.charskitchen.ca

    CAKE!! That last photo looks especially gorgeous 😀

  14. veganhomemade

    Looks and sounds absolutely delicious! I love the idea of a cooked, soft frosting.

  15. Dana

    Hi Amber ~ I’m really leaning towards making THIS cake for my gf’s BD. Not quite sure yet but I know for a fact that it’s between this and the Ooey Gooey Triple Chocolate Brownies (Holy!)

    And to make matters even more complicated, I saw a link to your Peanut Butter Bliss Cake and, of course, was curious. Oh boy! That one just screams “make me, make me!” lol. Well, perhaps for another occasion—like “yaay, it’s the weekend” kind of occasion. That should do, right? 😉

    Anyway, quick q. Could one use ALL whole wheat pastry flour, omitting the white all-purpose flour all together (I know, geesh, right?) or use regular whole wheat flour for that 1/2 c.? I have sorghum flour but I’m not sure how that might effect the texture of the cake (I noticed the comment Trish left on the Ooey Gooey Triple Chocolate Brownies post, where sorghum makes the texture really “soft”). I wouldn’t want to compromise the awesomeness of this cake in any way but I really want to keep the white flour out.

    Also (I know, please bear with me just a tad longer), just say I didn’t want to use canola or safflower oil—is there a sub for that as well, such as coconut oil? Or would that change the flavor too much? I’m only asking since I don’t use either of those two (canola or safflower) and would rather not buy just for the cake—if I don’t have to. Am I crazy or what? 😮

    Many thanks in advance. 🙂

  16. Dana

    Oh, jolly good! (No, not British—just like that saying) 😉 I have plenty of choices. And I just KNOW it’s going to turn out to be true to its name.

    I can’t thank you enough…for ALL your suggestions (which, now, of course, we must try ALL. Eventually. But I do believe the PB Bliss Cake WILL be next. Oh.my.God! *drool, drool*). Also, I am SO looking forward to your newest cookbook, Practacally Raw Desserts (hoping that you will make autographed copies of that available as well. Great idea, by the way!).

    You’re a gem! 🙂

  17. Zainab

    I made this the other day and I loved it! I was about to eat the whole thing all at once. I used all wheat flour and substituted the sugar for coconut palm sugar, and used olive oil instead. Also, I didn’t make the frosting because thought it will turn out too sweet for my taste. It was delicious, thank you VERY much for sharing your awesome recipe chef.

  18. Vienna

    I don’t make recipes like this very often either, but the name of it intrigued me… And yes, it does live up to its name! It could stand alone, without the frosting as well. It’s so fluffy. I wonder if it’s because the batter is thinner than I have seen a cake batter to be? I did have to bake this 25 min longer than the suggested time, but the finished product came out fine and tasted divine.