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  1. Diana @ VEGeneration

    Aww sounds like a fun party :] What caught my attention were the fruit and veggie platters. They’re so beautiful :O Did you guys get a caterer or cut them yourselves? Hahaha. And wow that cake is a stunner!!!

  2. fitandfortysomething

    what a great party for your mom!!!!! the cake looks delicious 🙂

  3. Hannah

    What a fabulous spread! I’m intrigued by the jalapeno jelly in particular – did they make that? Do you use it as a dip?

    Happy birthday to your mum!! (whoops: mom 😉 )

  4. Katie

    Now /that’s/ a birthday cake.
    Wow, looks like you had a great party for your mom. 🙂

  5. Mom

    Thank you, Amber! It was a great party. The food was beautiful AND delicious. What an awesome spread and what terrific family and friends we have!!!

  6. lauren

    Mmm German Chocolate Cake is hands down my favorite. Luckily Vegan Treats makes a great one!

  7. Mom

    By the way, Costco didn’t do this. Catering was done by
    “NM – Catering By Nellie Marie” two local ladies with their own catering business.
    Cheryl “Marie” Mohart
    and Sally “Nellie” Euston