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  1. tasteofbeirut

    So many delicious cupcakes and tacos and oats! Yummy!

  2. Diana

    Your maple cupcakes look SO GOOD. I really think I’ve been cupcake-less for too long…
    Hahaha ohh look at that big heirloom tomato on the right. I’m sure you had fun cutting that one…
    I love the swirly effect on the cashew-chocolate icing; it reminds me of latte art!
    I don’t make lettuce wraps that often because I find them so hard to eat. Did you just carefully nibble at it? Haha I can never get it to “wrap” up like a burrito!

  3. rachelsmusicalkitchen

    Those maple cupcakes were DELICIOUS! And you are going to have to tell me how to make that peanut butter-banana soft serve! It sounds great!

  4. Hannah

    Those maple cupcakes. Oh my heavens. Maple syrup is one of my favourite flavours in the world, and it pains me greatly that it’s currently outside my budget. Can we please have a maple-candied nuts atop one of the mini cheezecakes in the buffet when I visit? 🙂

  5. Hillary

    Thanks for the honorable mention on the chocolate cupcakes! The cashew butter really was fun to add….!

  6. Mom

    Of course, the peanut butter banana soft serve ice cream looks yummy to me! But then, so do the muffins and cupcakes at the top. The oatmeal looks satisfying too!