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  1. Brett

    Ok, a couple of things. I used to be a Zen Zero nay-sayer and refused to try it after I had a lack lustre experience. Recently I gave it another try and was amazed at how good it was. I had a spicy, brothy noodle dish as was great. Secondly, Blanc Burger is good, really good. Just reading this post makes me want to go there for dinner tonight.

  2. rachelsmusicalkitchen

    Oh yum! Those little shopping carts are adorable! I’ll have to check out Blanc Burgers. I had never heard of it until it was catered into my work last week. Unfortunately I did not try anything because we had 4 meals catered that week and I was trying to be good ans stick with my yogurt. 😉 But your burger sounded amazing! And I would like to go with you to Blissfest next time if I can! I’m sorry I could not go this time. :/

  3. Noelle

    Whoa, lots of good eats! I really want that lentil burger.

  4. fitandfortysomething

    ok well ALL the food looks to die for. i would eat any and all of it!

  5. Hannah

    You and your phallic desserts… I’d like to scoff, but in reality that looks SO GOOD. I really do think I’m coming around to this banana thing more and more 😉

    Your Jamaican rice/tofu/plantain dish looks divine, too. I’ve only ever had plantains as chips (in NYC) before… I’d love to try them like this! Silly Australia.

  6. rachel

    wow amazing food! i love those french fries in shopping carts hehe. chocolate banana spring rolls??? *wants*

  7. Eric

    Im glad I am just about to eat lunch because all that food looked amazing.. especially that stir fry and spiced lentil burger… oh boy! Okay Im ready to eat lunch now, thanks!

  8. Noelle M

    Did you see my crap there?! 🙂 I mean, not my crap buuuut yanno.

  9. veganomics101

    I’m glad you also enjoyed Main Squeeze. Coincidentally, I also lived in Lawrence for a couple of years. Zen Zero is good, but Local Burger is my favorite restaurant over there. Mmmm…college town food…