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  1. Hannah

    And wouldn’t you say that one of the best things to come out of the trip is that I found your blogpost about it while embarking (or before embarking… I can’t remember precisely) on my own travels, told myself to be courageous and delurk to tell you how awesome reading them were, and that we thereby discovered our soulmateness? Because, on my part, that’s been pretty wonderful 🙂

    And don’t stress yourself out too much about the goals you’re working towards, okies? ‘Cause you’re wonderful and gorgeous and things like that have no impact on how much we all love you or, for example, the fact that you WILL get to Matthew Kenney’s raw food course in the future. xoxo

  2. amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler

    I’ve actually read most of your travel entries already! I would like to know more about how you prepared for the trip, did you book any of it through a particular agency or the like?, do you still keep in touch with the people you met?, etc.

    And can you also elaborate on this?: Were there negative consequences stemming from it? I’ll be honest: yes, there were. I still struggle with some of them, and I’ll admit I have not met all the goals I set for myself upon my return.

  3. wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas

    Wow! What a fantastic experience. Truly something to treasure forever! Not traveling more before I had a family is something I regret. Not enough to keep me up at night or anything, but still a small regret. Now, I hope to remedy that by traveling with my son and experiencing new things with his little perspective along!

    I applaud you for going alone and making new friends along the way! Before I got married and had my son, I used to love to do things alone…dinner, movies, plays, day trips, etc. It’s such a different experience when you are the sole captain of your ship…you can sail it anywhere on a whim!

    As soon as I have some free moments, I plan to delve further into your travel recaps. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lilly

    Amber, I just read your blog…what a splendid experience!!!!! Forget “Eat, Pray, Love!” I say “Almost Vegan Blog!” Were you able to get any of your travels on video?????

  5. Melissa

    I can’t believe it has been a year already!! That was probably the best trip I
    ever took. I can only imagine what it would have been like to stay for the whole
    5 weeks. I will def have to do a longer Europe trip at some point.

  6. rachelsmusicalkitchen

    Oh, Amber. What I wouldn’t give to have seen and tasted what you have. The farther along I go in life, the more I fear I will never be able to take a trip like this. Consider yourself very lucky! (And I know you do 🙂 ) I am glad that you have posted all of these wonderful memories for us to hear about. 🙂

  7. tasteofbeirut

    sounds so fun; what I loved the most about this post was the enthusiasm I felt throughout! Having lived in France, I can relate to the beauty of it all. Would love to visit Turkey and Greece and to go back to France, heck, maybe even live there again.

  8. Mom

    I cannot believe it’s been a year since you left for Europe. Goes to show you how fast time really does fly by. What memories you will always have! Dad and I are happy that it was everything you hoped it would be (and perhaps, then some)… Love, love!