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  1. wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas

    Oh, I would love to have a spiral slicer! I know I would use it all the time! As for the tofu press, I’m not a huge lover of tofu, but I would love to try it for spinach and other veggies. Pressing the water out is really hard sometimes. (But I can never give my husband anything called nut cheez….I’d never hear the end of it!)

    I can relate on the tiny kitchen. Mine is horribly small, and I pass up a lot of recipes just because I know I don’t have room to cook them. Someday…

  2. Deanna

    I have zero interest in a tofu press for tofu, but I’m wondering if it would work for making nut cheeses….

    I absolutely positively want a spiralizer, though. Major jealous there.

  3. Diana

    Yay for the spiralizer!! Can’t wait to see what beauties pop out from there 🙂 I think TofuXpress needs to contact me next (hehe).

  4. Noelle

    Yes! I love gadgets for sure. I just got the Tofu Xpress as well and need to review it too! Thanks for the reminder! I am also getting the spiralizer soon with some CSN money.

  5. Hillary Dyan Davis

    First off, I have been coveting the Spirooli for years….words cannot express how jealous I am that you have one!

    Second, the tofu express seems nice, but I have my tried and true set-up. I have a candy dish that weighs about 3 pounds and is the PERFECT size to rest on top of a tofu block. To soak up the liquid, I set the block on 2 folded paper towels. And I don’t feel guilty about using paper towels because they can go into the compost :).

  6. Mom

    What neat gadgets those are. The pasta comes out so fresh-looking and I can see wherethe tofu press would be great for squeezing out other items like spinach as you suggested!

    How fun is that to come home wondering what surprise could be waiting for you next??

  7. Hannah

    I definitely want the Tofu Xpress because, as you say, I’m one of those people who never bothers, even though I know it helps the taste/texture so much! Love the recipe, too – makes me think of feta rather than ricotta 🙂

  8. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    I have never heard of the Tofu Xpress, but I want one! That thing is awesome! I hate pressing tofu b/c it’s messy and such a pain, so that gadget would be perfect!

  9. Sarah

    Ooo! I need a TofuXpress. And a new kettle. I broke the kettle as it threw itself off the kitchen bench when it was balanced on top of the tofu draining it…. Oooops.

  10. Eric

    ahh everybodys got one of these fancy tofu xpress thingys these days! oh and spiralizers are key 🙂

  11. lauren

    If you make a cut longways down your veggie before putting it in the spiralizer, it will break it up so you don’t have foot long spirals!

  12. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    glad im known for schlong…omg, too funny LOL

    I have actually stopped calling it that on my own blog b/c ppl were writing me all up in arms about it LOL.

    I LOVE both my TofuXpress AND my Spiralzier. Seriously, 2 gadgets worth their weight in GOLD for 30 bucks each, give or take.

    I highly recommend them to anyone!!!! For 30 bucks, they kinda are life changing in terms of the types of food and cuisine and options they open up! ENJOY!

  13. Kylea

    Amber – so fun to see new gadgets like these. How is it that you try out products for review? Super fun and informative!!

  14. http://veganizingfun.blogspot.com/

    That’s great Amber! Love the info – you’re great at this 🙂

  15. A, Perez

    To get the most use out of your Tofu Press…Once youve squeezed it (best overnight) youll find that the device can be pressed down even more…Do so and get more water out…Now what the Tofu Press people leave out…If you want the Tofu to really taste good so the marinade you use goes all the way through you need to get the Tofu to be dry enough that it will act like a sponge and absorb the marinade…You need to learn a technique to make Dry Fried Tofu..Its a little daunting to learn and takes practice but once you learn how to do it its a sinch! You are going to be using a pan to heat the tofu and a spatula to press down on the tofu as it is heated to gently remove the rest of the moisture..There is a certain technique to it and I urge you to search for How to make dry fried Tofu…No oil is used and no frying but that is the name of it..Once you are done you end up with a piece of tofu that is slightly cooked but very dry and with the ability to quickly absorb any marinade all the way through…Between freezing the tofu then using the press an pressing out as much and then the dry fry tofu technique you can get amazing results..No offense to you guys but I like the taste of meat( but dont want to eat it)..With this technique I was eating Tofu that tasted like meat(again no offense..I wasnt eating meat) In fact I got very carried away and ate several blocks of Tofu cause of it (Hey it tasted like meat..It was still vegan and healthy so….) I am suprised that the people who make the Tofu press dont also include info on the dry frying of Tofu…Again the equiptment is only a dry frypan (No Oil) a Spatula and a low flame..I mention it again cause their is one other type of dry tofu that it is actually fried..It is freeze dried and then it is dumped into a fryer to be deep fried…Not the healthiest and not going to absorb your marinade so hopefully with that info youll find how to dry Fry Tofu
    Here is the site I consider to explain it the best with pics and great instructions. Make sure to read the comments as some have good ideas and might answer some of your questions..
    Go to:
    And start thinking of what marinade you want your Tofu to fully absorb! So much better than the Tofu press alone..The article doesnt use a Tofu Press but if you do the technique works much fater and easier and very consistent!