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  1. amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler

    Wow! I’m impressed! Not just with the final product, but with all the hard work you put into these beautiful blondies. Good for you!

  2. Michelle

    Oh my…you have done it again! Looks like I’m going to have to add this one to my list to goodies to make also. It also looks like I am going to have to make myself an “Almost Vegan” cookbook, since I am liking so many of your recipes! :o)

  3. Simply Life

    oh those look amazing! what a perfect dessert!

  4. Maggie @ Say Yes to Salad

    Oh man, these look awesome. I would definitely be one of those people that would use butter 😉 I love butter.

  5. Hannah

    Amber… yesterday, I bought a bar of that vegan white chocolate for you. And now you’ve posted this, and I really am not sure I’ll be able to resist making it with said chocolate. But I did buy it for you. But this looks so good. OH DEAR LORD I’m in turmoil.

    P.S. Thank you so much for posting this 🙂

  6. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    OMG…those look sooooo delicious! I thought it was hilarious how many pictures of the bars you put in your post..ha ha!
    I am definitely going to bake these. And, I may just try them with coconut oil! 🙂 I’ll let you know how they turn out!

  7. Hillary

    While I believe white chocolate is an abomination not worthy of the chocolate name (I mean, for cocoa’s sake, call a spade a spade!), I am drooling at the thought of these as brunetties ;). I might have to give it a go with dark 60% cacao chocolate and cashew butter. Yum! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Natalia

    Mmmm… I wish these were in my oven right now. Thanks for including the substitutions you’ve worked with!

  9. Eric

    never made blondies before… maybe you need to send me a batch of these 🙂

  10. Mom

    These look awesome and I’m sure are irresistible delicious! Bring some over?? :o)

  11. River (Wing-It Vegan)

    Your blondies look amazing! I need to get me some vegan white chocolate chippers! I wish they were easier to find locally *sigh*

  12. rachel

    delicious looking brownies!

  13. Kenzie (Healthy Purpose)

    these sound/look amaaaaazing. definitely bookmarking these for when im not fasting!

  14. MoniMeals

    Hi Amber! Wow what a recipe!! I will for sure be making this and who does not love a blondie, right!? wink wink.
    Great site and name too, I also look forward to following. 🙂
    Take care,

    1. MoniMeals

      btw, I too am “almost vegan” 🙂

  15. Diana

    Hey girlll 🙂
    I’m catching up on your posts like a madwoman! haha. I knew you would’ve been busy baking up something delicious while I was gone! So um… I love how you took a billion angle shots of the blondies… hehe

  16. Matt

    I’ve just been scolded for not leaving a comment. So here…

    These are perhaps the best dessert she has ever made. We devoured them like zombies on human flesh, with no remorse. If you never eat them, you won’t ever understand…

  17. Jo

    I don’t like baking because eggs… eh, they gross me out. Even though I am not vegan. So this recipe really interests me. I am going to try it and bring them to work. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Ashley

    This is seriously the best blondie recipe. Ever.

    I made them today with the intention of taking them to a friends. Yeah… they never made it that far. I followed your original recipe to the ‘t’, but I’ll probably try some of those mix-in ideas later! Thanks so much!

  19. Kate

    Hi Amber,

    Made these with pumpkin substituted for white chocolate and 1/2 a cup of sugar instead of 1 cup. Turned out great, had to bake them a touch longer though!

  20. what katie's baking

    ohhh amber, you have outdone yourself!!!
    i was just searching for a white chocolate blondie recipe and i found yours on google
    these look absolutely delicious!!!

  21. Nancy

    I can’t wait to try these brownies. I have just discovered the ‘art’ of vegan baking. I, too, am ” almost vegan”. Thank you for all of the hard work that went into this recipe.
    I have a food blog, also. It pales in comparison to this great site but I have slow internet and trouble uploading. You have inspired me and maybe my blog will not die of neglect!!

  22. Erin

    Does anyone know of any brands of vegan white chocolate? I am only recently venturing into the world of vegan foods because of a new food allergy, so I’m not familiar with the brands. Also, I really HATE to waste money….