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  1. amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler

    As I was scrolling down this entry, I thought, “Damn! That’s some good lookin’ ganache!” But then you went and drizzled it all over that fantastic strawberry sandwich!!! Excuse me, I need to step outside and get some air after that.

    I watched Clarissa Explains It All over the weekend. And if anyone wants to debate me on the awesomeness of that show, BRING IT ON!

  2. River (Wing-It Vegan)

    Awesome goodies! The ganache looks amazing, I want to eat it with a spoon straight out of the jar! Why are all hot-button foods so yummy? 😀

  3. Ela

    I’m sorry I missed your coconut oil vs. butter debate! Really sorry. Rachelle’s commenter is inaccurate too: palm oil is a completely different oil than coconut oil: it’s a red, vitamin A-rich oil that is also finally being recognized as highly nutritious. Coconut oil, palm oil – and butter, too, got maligned when saturated fats were supposed to be the devil, but everyone now knows that that was due to confusion between sat fats and _trans_ fats, which really are evil!

    Anyway, I don’t have anything against butter for other people and think that _raw_ butter is very highly nutritious. Pasteurized butter much less so. But for myself, I eat a _lot_ of coconut oil and have a stronger aversion to butter than to any other food, except certain kinds of cheese! I just hate it, can’t stand it! But I still cook and bake with it for my husband and his family.

    Love this review and love your chocolate sauce!

    What you said about not blogging every day because it becomes an obligation rang really true for me – thanks for that,

  4. mommybowl

    Mmmm….that looks delicious. What beautiful photos!

  5. Michelle

    Oh my…that strawberry sandwich looks sooooo good….you even had my husband drooling!

  6. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon

    Amber–Your breakfast looks like WOW…and it’s making me hungry despite having just finished dinner! The ganache recipe is awesome (thanks for sharing!), and I’m so intrigued by your tasty-sounding homemade bread recipe.

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  7. Amanda

    That ganache looks out of control! I’m picturing it over a cupcake and just dying. Rock!

  8. miss v

    yay! props to another heart-of-the-midwest foodies with a love for vegan and raw foods. and that chocolate ganache looks divine! i do use agave nectar as a replacement for honey or sugar sometimes, but in general, i’m not a sweet lover so it takes me about 6 months to go through a bottle. i’m looking forward to reading more from the blog.

  9. Hannah

    Do you remember when I raved about Loving Earth’s raw coconut chocolate butter and despaired that it’s too expensive and heavy to send to you! I think you just made your own (albeit more-liquidy) version 😀

    And I’m so envious. The reason I haven’t been trying coconut oil and agave is the expense… and you just get sent all this stuff! *sob* 😛

  10. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Wow…that looks and sounds sooo good! I bet it would be good in some sort of crepe! 🙂 The strawberry sandwich looks absolutely delicious! Yum!

  11. BitterSweet

    Oh, way to combine those two products into something greater than the individual ingredients! Instant chocolate sauce is always welcome in my book. 😉

  12. Simply Life

    I’ve never used any of those products- this is great to know!

  13. Julia

    Was out of town last week when the debate broke out, so it was nearly impossible to follow on my iPhone and jump into the ruckus. Later, I think you asked about other experiences with coconut oil and/or agave so I think I should be writing this elsewhere. If I have my wits about me when I finish my thought, I’ll copy and paste it back in. But right now my main coconut oil is Nutiva and they have a nice info with lots of information. I’d gotten a book or two on coconut oil by Bruce (someone, last name I forgot, and you likely referred to it in the debate above, but that scrolly version is harder for me to read). In any case I’ve tried several of Nutiva’s products – their coconut oil, hemp oil, hemp seed, etc. (I’m admittedly not as far along in the vegan path as you are). I love coconut oil in my morning cuppa tea (which is Oolong tea and the admittedly laughable Gevalia Honey Ginseng Mint tea, but I love it anyway, even if I’m a barbarian in the tea drinking societies.).

    Sorry this isn’t a terribly well-written reply…I’m a bit jetlagged… (oh I think part of my reply on previous blog (the coconut oil debate) didn’t get “copied” over here – maybe space limitations in my copy paste? but the other one got kind of scrambled up once it posted on the blog – was in different order then how it looked in my reply box before I hit “submit comment” so it’s a mess. Normally I’m a bit more coherent in my writings… or at least like to pretend that I am?!