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  1. Noelle

    Very colorful indeed! Looks yummy!

  2. Pass the Peas Please

    wow this looks so yummy!!!!

  3. Ela

    Sounds great – fusion cuisine, right? I love how close Mexican and Indian flavors can be brought together (although I’ll never forget an Indian classmate when I was at school in California shaking her head at Mexican food and saying ‘you do not eat rice and roti together!’)

    Dare I ask: wouldn’t coconut oil be better than earth balance in there?

    Also, I know it’s extra work, but to me, beans made from scratch (i.e. soaked overnight and then slow-cooked) are so much more digestible – not to mention cheaper. But this sounds really good – clean, clear, not mushy, but complex and flavorful.

    Know what you mean about whirlwind week and it’s only Tuesday!


  4. Michelle

    What a pretty dish, and it sounds sooooo good! This will be something my husband will eat also!! :o)

  5. Hannah

    You know what? I’m actually glad we’ve found at least one point of difference… I love woscestershire sauce 🙂 We need to hold onto these things so that we don’t get confused about which of us is which, I think. 😀

  6. The Sweetest Vegan

    Wow, this is like a veggie jambalaya.

  7. Mom

    This has some of my favorite flavors/ingredients: rice, vegetables, even black beans. Very colorful – I’d eat this in a heartbeat.

  8. Simply Life

    what a colorful and healthy meal!

  9. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon

    So colorful! I absolutely love it–it’s great to have a rainbow of food staring up at you from the dinner plate 🙂

    PS–you gave me a good laugh last night in my NyQuil stupor when I read about the word verification craziness going on on my site!

  10. spoonfulofsugarfree

    This looks amazingly delish!! Gosh, can you cook for me??

  11. River (Wing-It Vegan)

    So many colors! So much good stuff! I love all the variety of flavors here, rice and beans don’t ever need to be boring! 🙂

  12. http://veganizingfun.blogspot.com/

    Looks yummy! Vegan Yum Yum has a couple recipes I haven’t been all that fond of, but most of them I have loved! The creamy brocc bake was incredible – you were right!! Good luck at Raw Chef school – can’t wait to hear about all the cool stuff you will be making!!