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  1. amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler

    Woooo! Good luck! I can’t wait to read about your 105 Degrees experience!

    Also, that tea mug is AWESOME!

  2. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Yay! Good luck on your journey!

    That tea brew thing looks awesome! I may have to look into getting one!

  3. Tracy

    Good Luck!! I can’t wait to see your blogs from 105 degrees!

  4. Ela

    Thanks for taking the time to blog on your final day! (I know how nice it is to have distractions from packing too)…

    I’m envious about that tea traveler – it looks great – hope it works as well as it looks like it does (if that makes sense) – what a great gift and perfect timing.

    You showed lots of bars and snacks that I’d never even seen/heard of before. And some of your own-made stuff too? Girl’s gonna be popular in the dorm!…

    My heartfelt good wishes for you – meeting a bunch of new people can be so daunting, and I wish you the very best of good times down in Oklahoma – I’m sure you’ll find some great kindred spirits.


  5. bitt

    Looks like a nice stash to have for the travel.

    Love the rainbow of smoothies.

  6. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon

    Our drinking glasses are Mason jars, too 🙂 Aren’t they the best?

    And I LOVE Robin Robertson’s cookbooks! That woman is a genius, isn’t she?

    GOOD LUCK with your travels this weekend! Looks like you’re well-stocked with plenty of good eats and treats.

  7. Hannah

    So, um, wouldn’t you rather close those boxes up and address them to me? 😉 Kale chips! That granola! Cavewoman bars! *swoon*

    Have a safe trip love! Take care, and can’t wait to start hearing abour your 105 wonderment!

  8. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Yay, the day of excitement has arrived! Can’t wait to hear all about 105 Degrees!

  9. kate

    good luck! i bet it will be an amazing adventure!

  10. wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas

    What a FULL post! So many yummy things. I’m not vegan, but I love vegan food and you always make me want to try new things!

    I’m leaving your post thinking about the bananas in my freezer, destined for soft serve…

  11. Michelle

    Wow, you have a lot of yummies in this post! Good luck at 105 Degrees! I’m going to enjoy hearing all about it.

  12. tashase

    All of you pictures look great. I particularly like the red pepper hummus and the green smoothie.

  13. Matt

    That banana soft serve was pretty freakin’ awesome. More!!!

    And, I’ll have everyone know that I am totally borrowing A’s kitchen to make smoothies while she is gone. She taught me how. I’m a fully equipped (mostly) vegster.