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  1. Mindy

    Amber, you are so photogenic, and you have the funniest “deer in the headlights” look on your face standing with that gargantuan pile of white chocolate. Like you suddenly encountered a monster.

    Matthew Kenney really looks darn good, especially for someone who is I believe supposed to be in his early 40’s. Great testament for the raw food diet.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your visit with your honey.

  2. GirlonRaw

    Your chocolate bars look incredible, wow you made so many. And lucky that you guys found a closer spring than we did. Really, I feel like following your classes daily at home here with my workbook/folder. I have it open right now 😉

  3. Hannah

    *beams* Amber, that chocolate looks wonderful. Even just looking at the photos, it has a far glossier sheen and appears less “grainy” than some of the sub-standard raw chocolates I’ve paid through the nose for here in Australia!

    And while your post may be about an incongruous coupling of foods, to my mind these two treats fit together perfectly – I *adore* seaweed salad. So proud of you completely week one with the same enthusiasm and gorgeousness as you started out with. Looking forward to Week 2! 🙂

  4. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Those chocolate bars look amazing!! It looks like you are having a great time! Yay!

  5. Matt

    Can’t wait to touch and taste your… Chocolate bars! Yum! I’d even try that salad. My lunch at Rawbert’s Organic near Boston is furthering my appreciation for creamy raw stuff. See ya soon!

  6. bitt

    Oh my gosh look at that cacao block! It’s huge.

    I love that you went to a spring. There’s nothing like fresh spring water.

    What is that pink and green veggie/fruit? It’s so pretty!

    Enjoy your chocolates and Happy Halloween!

  7. welcome to our wonderland

    I’d be all over that chocolate! LOVE IT!!!
    I’m not a sea anything eater, I think it comes with growing up in florida it always smells fishy so I can’t stand seafood of any kind.

    and Matthew very easy on the eyes 🙂 what a Hottie (shh! don’t tell hubby I said that 🙂 heehee)

  8. Penni

    what an amazing daily experience you’re having! I’m realizing that we most likely met back when Ani was here in July. That was such a cool event!

    I am just as pale next to MK’s bronze glow….hehheee.

  9. Ela

    Beautiful chocolate! I’ve never seen such a big block of cacao butter! I love the shape of the molds, how you could break off individual pieces. And good salt in chocolate is great. Sad face from me – the Naturopath reconfirmed for me this afternoon that I shouldn’t eat chocolate… I’ll have to get me lots of good cacao butter and make white chocolate with maca or something.

    It’s funny, Matt Kenney looks a bit like Matt Samuelson, another great raw chef, with whom I’ve worked back when I was raw cheffing (I miss those days – watching your adventures makes me quite nostalgic, altho’ I never did an academy like that). Love your jokiness about your pallor 😉 Good midwestern girl, right?

    Props to you again for trying something that’s not your favorite. I think some of those raw creamy dressings do amazing things for seaweed (but then I like seaweed anyway).

    Happy halloween!

  10. Ela

    PS – I saw your post on ‘Bitt’s’ blog about stopped-up-ness and I think the fiber differential piece is really interesting. But I wanted to chime in with another thought. I have had similar experience when I’ve been cheffing for an event and eating mostly ‘gourmet’ raw foods. What I realized after a while was that the major differences were a big increase in salt and in dehydrated foods compared to what I usually ate, and that aside from feeling ‘stopped up,’ I was also retaining water. I don’t know if that jives with your experience in any way? Anyway, spring water rules, and fresh fruit and salad. Flax and chia=masses of fiber too, oh, and those dark leafy greens you so adore!


  11. Simply Life

    wow! i can’t believe that a block of butter almost as big as you exits! what a fun experience you’re having! I love it!

  12. Meri

    I never thought I could be more in awe of you than I already was, and then you go and make your own chocolate?! Amazing. The salad is gorgeous too.

  13. Mom

    How about saving a chocolate bar for Dad and me (for when we come down next weekend)…? I think we deserve that, don’t you?
    Great work!

  14. vegansunshine

    That is the best looking sea weed salad!

  15. tori conde


    I did my training just before you did…
    Looks like they got some things better this time around!
    The chocolate bars look GREAT, ours came out a bit … broken and you seaweed salad looks SO MUCH BETTER!!
    I still have my binder, if you want to exchange recipes it’d be all good!

  16. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I love sea vegetables of all sorts, that salad is right up my alley. And that giant block of cocao butter is right up anyone’s alley! Is it weird if I would want to taste it straight?

  17. River (Wing-It Vegan)

    You’re so purdy! Could your skin *be* more perfect? (said like Chandler Bing!)

    That is one beautiful salad tower! I love all the colors, and the pool of orange-tahini dressing with the contrasting black sesame seeds is lovely.

    Look, the Pope! *steals your perfect chocolate and runs off* 😀

  18. MsDrPepper

    In your first photo, the prepped veggies for seaweed salad, could you clarify for us what is in there? looks like the top row, l-r is beets? celery? mandarin oranges? and then “green matchsticks” so could be cucumber? apple? doesn’t quite look like celery texture.

    Then you have the seaweed in the left and something exotic on the right = slices that look like greatly enlarged petri dish specimens ?? green skin with the reddish purple “dye” in the middle? what are those? how do they taste?

    Looks yummy!

    And chocolate looks yummy too – do they have the molds already set with that design? cool!

  19. MsDrPepper

    OH on the water and being stopped up and saltiness – you could try reading up on the natural sea salts – http://www.watercure.com and other sites, the Himalayian salts people, the Celtic sea salts people – sounds like what you need to do is boost intake of your drinking water. I do better with the sea salts as opposed to the processed bleached table salts, but I do need to drink my waters!!!

    And I’m very pale too – I should get more sunshine since that is natural source of vitamin D and helps deal with physical issues (according to the likes of Dr. Mercola, Donna Gates / Body Ecology Diet, Patricia Bragg, etc. etc.). But yep, I’m in the midwest too…

  20. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon

    Yum, Amber! Homemade chocolate bars?! Awesome as always. Are you planning on opening a restaurant when you graduate?

  21. Michelle (Housewife in the Raw)

    I covet that big ol block of cocoa butter. Is that odd? I also would love to reach through this screen and get that chocolate. You can keep the sea vegetables, but the chocolate? I’ll arm wrestle you for it! Yay for finishing week 1.