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  1. Mindy

    Oh boy, you enjoy that burning it at both ends while it lasts. If I tried that now, it would just about kill me. There was a time though…. :). I can’t wait to hear about the new blender once you’ve used it a bit. I’ve had that very model on my wish list for awhile, but something else always seems to be a higher priority.

  2. Hannah

    Absolutely nothing Halloween-y, seeing as Halloween isn’t much noticed here in Australia!

    I think I have to say a big “squee!” for your sponsored new cute little blender! How kind of Joseph 🙂 You’re such a lucky lady, yet at the same time you totally deserve it, so maybe it’s not luck after all 😀 Can’t wait to see what all this prep work ends up as!

  3. Kelly @ Kisses from a Coconut

    Those mini tart crusts are so adorable!!! I love anything minified!! 😉

  4. Angela

    Please give me a bread recipe that will cure my gluttonous choices of gluten bread. 🙂

  5. Noelle

    Cool beans! You got a great little blender there! And wow , sheets dehydrating made out of coconut and veggies? Cool!

  6. Jenny

    Those sheets and crusts are incredible! That blender set looks very intriguing. I love that it’s BPA free; I almost bought the Magic Bullet once until I found out it wasn’t (or at least last time I checked). I’ll have to look into this one. So nice they sent you one! Hope you’re enjoying everything!

  7. River (Wing-It Vegan)

    Score! Your new personal blender looks cool!

    I am mesmerized by the bright colors of the soon-to-be dumpling wrappers! Beautiful!

  8. bitt

    Wow that bread looks “real”! Interesting that it has irish moss in it.

    I hope the tribest helps you out. I had one and it’s nice and small for trips. But it’s no vitamix or blendtec in terms of power. How nice of the company to sponsor you!

  9. Matt

    I missed the blender part as I was running out. I wish I had time to stay and try it out. Looks fun!

  10. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Love your technicolor dumpling wrappers! I’ve heard about this blender before, seems cool.

  11. Michelle

    UMMM…not to sure about that moss..lol
    I’m trippin on those bright dumpling wrappers…too cute!
    What a neat little blender. I want one. :o)

  12. Lori

    I did nothing special for Halloween but I sure do love your raw bread! Wow. It’s definitely big. lol or looks that way.

    And those coconut meat wrap things… look like neon silly putty stuff! Can’t wait to see what those are made with!

  13. Girlonraw

    You are gonna love your tribest!!! I cannot live without mine, it’s been all over the world with me. Good luck making smoothies whilst at 105 tho, mine never got any usage! Lol but if you do, you’ll be doing better than me! Gosh Amber, your posts are making me miss the place more than I do (never thought possible !)

  14. Arlene

    I just stumbled upon this blog as you do and was really taken in by your writing style but also glad to read all your posts about 105 degrees. We are planning to visit the States in 2011 and I have been looking for the best raw chef course. Seeing your posts are helping me to decide.

  15. Ela

    I’d love to hear how you like the tribest. I’ve considered it for travel (I have an immersion blender that’s also great for minimizing cleanup and blending straight in the jar, but it doesn’t have a seed grinder, which I think is desirable) – and I’ve heard mixed things about it.

    I’m gonna have to try out irish moss soon – love the whole concept.