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  1. Angela "Veggie Girl" Anderkin

    Gosh, You look so radiant in your photos! I love that you are posting everything you are doing. I feel like I am there too;)
    I am so hungry!

  2. bitt

    I was never a fan of reubens, even cooked vegan ones but I tried a raw one and it was so good! I’d love a bite of yours. Do they ship to Seattle? 😉

    I can see the chocolate chips getting tedious after awhile. But just think of all those arm muscles you are developing just making food!

  3. Kelly

    Wow, I am so hungry too!! I wish I was there! Looks like you are having a yummy blast!!

  4. Hannah

    I do like pickled-y things (like kimchee and sauerkraut), but I’m not so big on creamy sauces (and have never really understood the American proclivity for thick, rich salad “dressings” like Thousand Island. So I’m still more enamoured with your tacos too 🙂

    And well done with those chocolate chips! I absolutely believe that would’ve been tough going. Ah well, all jobs in this world have their level of tediousness, I think! 🙂

  5. healthyexposures

    I probably wouldn’t be a fan of a real reuben – but yours looks beautiful! raw cooking seems like such a tedious process – I am definitely admiring your hard work and dedication right now.
    That blender looks awesome. Definitely looking into that!

  6. Matt

    That sandwich doesn’t actually look half bad now that I see it. The way you described it sounded gross but I don’t see the gross.

    And you best save some of that chocolate. Mmmmmm…. Yum!

  7. Simply Life

    wow! I can’t believe you made your own chocolate chips! So impressive!

  8. Noelle

    GIRL you so could have sent that sandwich to me!!!! Not even one bite?? You should have tasted a bit. 🙁

    Looks like chocolate making can be tedious. Who knew?

  9. Michelle

    I’m trippin on how much those mushrooms look like deli meat. That’s kinda creepy…
    I think your chocolate chips are too cute. My back and shoulders hurt just thinking about doing all that hard work. I bet it will be worth it though when you get to chow down on them. :o)
    Oh, the curried cauliflower and spinach filing looks really yummy!

  10. vegansunshine

    Holy crap all that food looks so good! I want it allll


  11. Ellen (lapuremama)

    um… I don’t even know what to say. The tart? Ok I was thinking YUM and I want one right now. And then the chocolate? And the reuben? Oh! I am so jealous!!!

  12. Ela

    I can imagine that making those choc chips would’ve been super-tiring and sore-making. Standing all day in the kitchen can be very tiring in its own right!

    How is that tribest working out?

    The kale chips look just so good. I’ve never had a reuben – did you use real rye to make the bread? Wonder about the cheeze too – I’m with you, I never did like cheese so fake cheese doesn’t have much appeal. As I’ve said to you before, though, I do love raw cream sauces, just not the icky dairy kinds – and maybe you might find the same?


  13. welcome to our wonderland

    I’ve never eaten a date. I need to try one! 🙂

  14. BitterSweet

    Oh so tempting! Can I ask you what went into those chocolate chips, or is that confidential information? 😉 So very curious…

  15. Veronica (Pure Bar)

    Oh Wow! I love Indian food too…just made veggie kema last night with mango and pomagranate salad. Choco looks amazing!

  16. callie

    I’m enjoying your 105 degrees play-by-play so freaking much! And, everything looks so amazing – I’m about to quit my job and head that way, ha.

  17. Villo

    Mmmmmm, the food looks amazing and I especially love deli food made raw!!! Great great blog!!! I’m a bit intrigued by the sous-vide technique though, how does it work exactly? It’s a water oven that much I know but do you have to have a separate device to have the food vacuum packaged? And most importantly, is it really raw? It’s the first time I see it used in a raw restaurant.