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  1. healthyexposures

    I remember finding that company a while back and found sooo many things to add to my “want” list 😛 I never ordered, though – and with 10% off I now have no excuse. The cereal they sent you sounds amazing. I’m game for anything with figs. And I think a banana was the perfect candidate to eat with the chocolate spreads, too 🙂

  2. Hannah

    AMBER!!! That banana photo!! *collapses into paroxyms of laughter*

    I can’t…. speak… I feel too naughty saying it looks tasty and I want it in my mouth….

    *giggles hysterically*

  3. Mom

    Why haven’t I thought about dipping a banana in chocolate? That looks really good! In fact, that particular banana looks perfect. Your pictures are so clear!

    There’s something on your wishlist I would definitely like to try: Chocolate Chunk Bonbons
    Mmm :o)

  4. sarahnotsoplainandtall

    mmmmm soooo lucky!!! I cant wait ’till people want to send me some goodies! haha 🙂
    If you were to only buy one thing…what would it be!? I might need to start food shopping online 🙂
    Down here in South Beach the best grocery store we have is a small Whole Foods…I miss my natural food stores in LA and NY!!!

  5. bitt

    That spread looks to die for!!!

  6. Ela

    The Natural Food Store in Anchorage carries Love St products (but at Alaska prices) and I’ve been intrigued for some time about their stuff. I’m amazed by your energy, getting reviews out when you have all your coursework too!

    And I’m envious – I love reviewing products and need to do some more legwork to get to try some more 😉 I got brazilnut protein powder recently from a different company and am going to review it soon – I’m just waiting for them to let me know how they produce it.

    beautiful pics!

  7. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon

    Yummy! Macadamia nut butter? Chocolate spreads? Cookie crumble cereal?! This looks like an early Christmas to me 🙂 Have fun sampling all of these tasty treats!

  8. Summer

    Am happy to find ur very interesting Blog!!
    Gosh ,what a super spread!!
    Loving it!

  9. miss v

    banana and chocolate, for sure! i would love a nice bowl of the cookie crumble to go with my coffee…. sort of like an alternate biscotti!

  10. Simply Life

    Oh these products look great! Thanks for sharing!