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  1. Courtney A.

    Another excellent read! I want to eat those cookies…

  2. welcome to our wonderland

    everything looks amazing! the cheese looks like real cheese!!!! let me know about the granola I love making granola!

    oh how was the burger???

  3. Morgan

    If those cookies taste half as amazing as they look…. Oh man. I thought I struck gold with tasty vegan cookies, but a tasty raw cookie would blow my mind. Almost makes me want to get a dehydrator.

  4. Noelle

    You are right! Those cookies looks rawsome!!

  5. healthyexposures

    raw. cookies. i’m. drooling.
    those look SO good!! The cheese does, too – looks so much like real cheese. Does it taste particularly nutty or cheesy? And the granola…usually i like nutty things, too , but it definitely sounds like it will still be delicious with all those seeds and fruits.

  6. Megan @ Healthy Hoggin'

    Oh, those cookies look so delicious! I want one right now!!

    I actually made a new-to-me raw dessert last night from Matthew’s book, Everyday Raw– it was a lemon cheesecake tart! So good. Thank goodness I only made half the recipe, because it’s almost gone already!!

    Love seeing all your raw food creations! That cheese looks like the real thing!

  7. Amy B.

    I am just floored amber! THis is truly awesome what you are doing for yourself! I wish I had the will power, but I like my few junky things and would not be able to get rid of dairy. Keep up the great work and I LOVE the blog 🙂

  8. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Now I have to buy a Vitamix so I can make smooth and creamy nut cheeses and kick cow’s milk cheese for good! That’s what this post was about, right? That I absolutely can’t function any longer without a Vitamix and must buy one immediately. I thought so.

  9. bitt

    Everything looks great as always. I’d love a bite of the granola and a choc chip cookie. I need to get Russell’s cheese book. I’m impressed.

  10. Hannah

    I think the only person who could make me consider a life without nuts would be Ellen. (Or, you know, you, but I’m fairly certain you’re dedicated to holding onto the nuts in your life.)

    Blue cheese blue cheese! And tapenade! You’ve also reminded me I need to make another batch of homemade granola. But the cooked (gasp!) kind…

  11. Hillary

    OK….you know how squicked out I am when it comes to nut cheese, right? That said, I am sitting here at work salivating over these creations. I cannot wait to hear how they taste, although I know you aren’t so much of a cheese fiend. I had decided that for my experiment I would just buy some raw dairy cheese (yes, it does exist!)….but then you had to go and make a cheese with olives in it. Way to shake up my belief system, Amber!

    We’re putting the cookies on our mass raw-prep party. I’m making that call right now. 😀

  12. Allison

    Color me green with envy! It looks like you are having so much fun and learning to boot! Not to mention those cookies look delicious!

  13. Teresa

    Mmmmm chocolate chip cookies. Raw, cooked, baked, dehydrated…any way sounds good to me. I may have missed this, but are any recipes available, or are those proprietary? I can understand if they are, ’cause all the stuff you’re making at 105° looks fantastic.

  14. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon

    I’m so fascinated by this process of creating non-dairy “cheese,” with a macadamia nut base! I’ve never even heard of it before seeing it on your blog recently, and I’d love to know what it tastes like 🙂 The photos remind me of deliciously seasoned goat cheese.

    Happy Tuesday 🙂

  15. miss v

    i remember the first time i made some almond cheese – that was the day i decided i could go vegan… and did! those cookies looks good, but i’m still drooling over all your ‘cheese’ creations. please hurry back to kansas city so i can meet you and try some of your awesome food!

  16. Lori

    Gah! Those cookies! Lovely little gems… that I’d like to steal! YUM. They look totally baked and delicious. I want to go to 105 degrees! 🙁 lol

    Anyway, I’m loving your time there, maybe not quite as much as you are but still.

    Those cheeses are so creative. Seriously, wow. And so firm. I’m totally curious what ingredients you used for those but I know it’s probably hush, hush. 😉

  17. Ela

    It all looks stunning! Yes, the chocolate chip cookies are temptatious, even as photos.

    I’m so glad you’re getting to learn about kefir – it is a wonderful friend. And that cheese is visually stunning, even to a person who’s always hated cheese! I’d love to know how to do that and have a go at making some.

    How is your energy holding up with the intensity? I guess you’re being pretty well fueled for it, but that’s a huge stamina-demanding endeavor you find yourself in the midst of.


  18. rachel

    that cheese looks soooo cool! i want to try making some cashew cheese too, i think it would be so cool if it tasted good 😛 & yum @ those cookies!

  19. Michelle

    OMG..is about all I can say about those cookes! :o) Those look like they rock! I think I need to come be your assistant for the rest of the time that you are at 105degrees! :o) You are making some amazing looking and sounding foods! I’m jealous…hehehe 🙂

  20. River (Wing-It Vegan)

    I can’t believe those cheesy logs! They’re beautiful! And you saved the best for last – cookies!! I love the perfect little chippers!

  21. Lauren

    Wow I really want those cheeses! I need to learn how to make these!

  22. Bev

    I have been making raw cashew and macadamia nut cheese for a few years and have Russells ebook which is really good to get you started and creating your own versions.
    But I am now trying to find out how to use spirulina in nut cheese, it sounds as though you add it after the pressing and draining, so you then leave it to ferment?
    I have spirulina powder.
    I would really appreciate a few hints and tips to get me on the way.

  23. Bev

    Thanks Amber, I will let you know how I get on! Fingers crossed it goes well.
    I am also going try adding umeboshi as I have read somewhere else that it makes the “cheese” taste a little like cherve.