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  1. Jason E Lectric

    i should stop reading your posts. they always make me hungry!!

  2. welcome to our wonderland

    the smoothie sounds so yummy! love the pretty pink color. 🙂

    those are some “seafood” i’d be willing to eat since its not the real stuff.

    Might have to figure out the crab cake recipe through trial and error.

    I LOVE macaroons those look yummy!

  3. healthyexposures

    I don’t know how you have the patience to wait overnight to try all your creations – how do you do it?! It’s exciting for me! haha. Can’t wait to see how everything turns out, especially the crackers. I’m always on the lookout for a good cracker recipe.

  4. victoria conde

    I did the training just before your group started!!!
    You guys are making different things than us!
    We should share our binders!!

  5. Hannah

    Falafel falafel! I’m almost tempted to ask you to have a falafel buffet instead of a cheezecake buffet waiting for my on the magical, magical day we finally get to meet in person 🙂

    And I bet your macaroons will be worth a hallelujah, not just a hail mary 😉

  6. Val

    Love your blog! Especially the fact that your a metalhead like me 🙂

    I think your approach to your diet is great. As long as you FEEL good there is no point in sweating the small stuff 🙂

  7. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    You guys made a ton of stuff this time! Really interested to see how that falafel turns out.

  8. wolfenstein

    Wow! You made a squid dish so wonderfully…

    I want to try to make the dish like that…

  9. Deanna

    Okay, there’s some sort of weird vibe going down here – cause apparently I inspired you, and all your raw food posts inspired me. We had raw hummus & raw falafel for dinner tonight! Granted, I started this project 3 days ago when I began sprouting chickpeas. But, still. That is one funny co-in-ki-dink. (That’s the family way of pronouncing coincidence, in case you’re confused.)

    I hope your raw hummus crackers turn out great! I meant to do some raw crackers, too….but just didn’t get them whipped up in time.

  10. bitt

    The calamari from Living Raw Food was so good! I love breaded mushrooms.

    Enjoy the falafels tomorrow.

  11. Noelle

    Hey there is nothing wrong with all green stuff! 🙂 Lovely smoothie at the end. My friend only has a magic bullet so that was interesting this morning. Lovely falafel and macaroons. I want a care package! ASAP! Let me know if you ever want to do a swap of any kind.

  12. Fanny

    I love reading about your school! It seems so amazing. And I’m very impressed by everything you’ve whipped up!

  13. Hillary

    Oh dear….I know you warned me about the seafood post….but that seems to have not done any good. Why are we calling this seafood, when there isn’t a single thing from the sea? And why call it “raw calamari/crab” when there is a perfectly wonderful way to prepare both items in a raw fashion (ceviche!).

    As crispy mushrooms or mushroom salad, I love it (and it looks and sounds absolutely yummy!)….but I’m the kind of girl who likes to call a spade out for being a spade ;).

    Hummus crackers, however….I just might have to forgive this “seafood” offense! I cannot wait to hear how they turn out!

  14. Ela

    Hummus crackers and falafel – great middle eastern fix! Interesting that you’re mostly using mushrooms for the seafood – often they’re very sea veg heavy.

    gotta go but loved the post

  15. rachel

    raw falafel :O how cool! i like the look of those crab cakes.

  16. Lori

    Swoon. Falafels, hummus, and blond macs. I’m in jealousy Heaven. 😉

    And kind of funny, I made raw macs last night for the first time in probably a year… call it blog-intuition? Weird. I think I’m going to have to try yours to see how they stand up against mine. 😉

  17. Simply Life

    I love how you can turn the crab cakes into something so appealing and appetizing!

  18. Rawfully Tempting (Barbara)

    LOVELY!!!!!!! I am so envious. Some day I will get there for training! Your photos are awesome. You have a wonderful flare for making your food look so mouth-watering beautiful!!!

  19. Ellen (lapuremama)

    Wow! Calamari… I have got to try that! And falafel? One of my favorites… raw. Amazing!!