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  1. healthyexposures

    Congratulations, Amber!! You must be psyched 🙂 The meal looks absolutely wonderful, I hope you’re very proud. Have a great night at Blass Cafe!

  2. Tracy

    Congratulation Amber, I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your blogs and seeing you succeed in the classes! It must be an awesome feeling to have the judges enjoy your creations that much!

    I can’t wait to see what you do in Level 2!!

  3. lauren

    congrats! that is so exciting.

  4. alissa

    way to go!!

  5. Hillary Dyan Davis

    Huge congratulations! The meal looks fantastic!

  6. veganlisa

    Congratulations!!! I am very impressed by the rave reviews your final meal received. I can’t wait to see what you create in Level II.

  7. S Kovacik

    Amber, I am so happy for you! I have been reading your posts since you began your 105degrees journey. Everything looks amazing and I can’t wait to try some of your creations when you are creating them here in KC! CONGRATULATIONS!!! On to Level II!

  8. Vegan in the Rough


  9. bitt

    Congrats! So proud of you! You’ve inspired me so much and I know you will continue to inspire others. Thank you so much for sharing your 105 journey with us, it’s such a privilege to see the inside from your eyes. Enjoy level 2!

  10. Mindy

    Congratulations Amber! What a night and what an awesome surprise graduation gift. I certainly never doubted you at all. You’re obviously a real natural as a chef. Enjoy your coming week off.

  11. Noelle

    WOWOWOWOWO congrats! I am thinking of doing this: http://www.creativehealthinstitute.com/intern_opp.html

    COngrats on your graduation and how exciting to find out about your next level. Your dishes looked great. I would have skipped everything and gotten to dessert. It sounds lovely!

    Congrats also on the celebratory dinner you get. Very nice dear.

  12. Jaylyn

    Congratulations!!! I SO want to go to school at 105 Degrees! How did you afford it?! I’m very excited to hear about what you end up doing with your new Certification! And the blog is great!

  13. Hannah

    Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! My darling, I am SO proud of you. And how utterly fabulous to have earned nothing but positive feedback for your amazing(-sounding, and clearly -tasting) menu of wonderment!

    I’m sure this has only strengthened your knowledge that you’re doing the absolute right thing, and that everyone who matters is behind you 150% percent.

    Enjoy your week of relaxing, and also, hurrah for seeing your parents! 😀

  14. Penni

    Fabulous!! Congratulations Amber! Your graduation meal looks amazing – WOW! I will be visiting 105 on Nov 30th, so I hope I can sneak in to visit you at the Academy!

  15. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Woohoo! That is awesome! Congrats!! 🙂

  16. Megan @ Healthy Hoggin'

    Congrats on being a certified raw food chef!! You know… I’m going to be in KC in December, so I’d be happy to be a taste-tester for you if you need an extra one. 😉

    Hope you enjoy your week off!

  17. Kate @ Green and Juicy

    Yay congrats!! I’ve been following your raw food creations, they look absolutely amazing you should be so proud! Love your blog 🙂

  18. Fanny

    Congratulations! You’re awesome! I can’t wait to see your updates about level 2.

  19. callie

    Congrats, Amber! Your meal looks AMAZING!! You should create an ebook of your final recipes – I’d definitely purchase it!

  20. GirlonRaw

    Good work girl! wow that went by sooo quickly! I missed a bit of your posts whilst on vacation but I will enjoy looking back and enjoy Bliss Cafe, you truly deserve it! Wow you are such a talented lady.

    PS is that a key lime-tini there? Can you please have some more for me???? Ask Megan about my love for them hehexx

  21. Deanna

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

    Now not to put any pressure on or anything, but since these are YOUR recipes, you ARE going to post them right? I soooooo want that tikka masala recipe. 🙂

  22. Jenny

    Yay! congratulations! it all looks so perfect; i never even thought about raw indian food before.

  23. gidgetnfroggi


    can’t wait to read about your level 2 journey 🙂

  24. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon

    Woo-hoo!!!! Congratulations on your graduation! How exciting 🙂 Your meal looks award-winning for sure. What does level 2 entail? What distinguishes it from Level 1? Level 1 looked so advanced (and delicious!) to me, I can’t imagine it getting any harder than what you’ve already done!

    Enjoy your graduation celebration week 🙂

  25. Jaylyn

    How did you finance your education? I’d love to go myself, but wondering what the options are?

  26. Ela

    Congrats, chef Amber! No more than I had anticipated, but that doesn’t make it any less sweet and awesome.

    The meal looks gorgeous and awesome, and I love that you got to serve it to your guests.
    Now rock on level 2!

  27. rachel

    congratulations amber 🙂 i’m so happy for you! and your meal looks delicious, of course!

  28. Spumoni

    Dear Amber,
    I am so happy and excited for you! The fact that there were no “so-so” or negative comments about your meal confirms my suspicions of your talent 🙂
    I can’t wait to hear about level II.
    Enjoy your week off. (and yes, I found the cookie recipe, thanks).

  29. Ellen (lapuremama)

    Congratulations!! So exciting and yes! A wonderful graduation gift 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more of your adventures 🙂

  30. Kelly

    Congrats!!! What an awesome accomplishment!! YAY!

  31. Lori

    What a wonderful experience and amazing food you produced! So happy you shared this journey with us- cannot wait for level II!!!! And damn, you’re food looks great- as does your cocktail. yum.

  32. Tanya

    Congratulations!!! I’ve been following along with all your amazing foods and pictures at the academy. It all looks like fun and I wish I could go! Everything you’ve made looks so delicious and of course, it always looks “too pretty to eat”! Congrats again 🙂 (my comment must be way behind…but I’m trying to catch up on my Google Reader posts)

  33. Jess from Midwest Vegan

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Congrats on moving up to Level II!

  34. Michelle

    Awesome job! CONGRATULATIONS!