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  1. bitt

    I love Russell’s cheese book. I love the idea of pisachio cheese. I will have to try that. You’re so creative!

  2. Hillary Dyan Davis

    Looks very interesting! I’ve been looking at the “aged” “cheese” recipes out there. I think those interest me more than the soft dip-type recipes. They usually call for probiotics….is there a certain combination that you know of that is recommended, or can any old colon health blend do the trick?

    And we need to plan our prep session!

  3. Ela

    I am continually blown away by how good these ‘cheeses’ look to me, a lifelong cheesehater! I remember making pistachio cheese _years_ ago: it was astonishing how easily it fermented and puffed up.

    How incredibly exciting that they’re serving your creations at the restaurant. What major kudos and what major career confidence building! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    I saw my first _ever_ cheeseball this thanksgiving and was sure it typified a certain era, so thanks for placing me in the 80’s. It was cream cheese/bacon/shredded cheese/onions/some other things (?dried cranberries): i.e. absolutely gagsomely gross to me if I’d stopped to think about it. I’m quite proud of myself that I didn’t – stop to think about it, that is, and that my response to it, as I watched others chow down, was a very detached curiosity coupled with slight amusement.


  4. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I could pretty much live off of cheese and sushi if I were to choose based on taste alone.

    Must…obtain…VitaMix! I really want to start making these creamy “cheeses” at home!

  5. GirlonRaw

    Hey Amber, I’ve got so much to catch up on with your blog, not been online much lately, but I am always assured a fantastic read when I do. Your cheeses look great. My cheeses have not had much success since returning from 105 so I need to bite the bullet and get back in the kitchen to create some genius. This week I was thinking of a mac cheese with aromatics, so will see if I get around to it. Also love the strawberry smoothie you tribested up. Great combo of flavours. My favourite smoothie whilst there was the strawberry seduction so I often recreate it but with a chunk of frozen spinach to make it more ‘healthy’ I guess. Level II is looking great.

  6. Fanny

    balsamic-fig pistachio cheese!! Yes please!

  7. Hannah

    Oh gosh, I indeed saw your creations on twitter, and I did my usual little envious moan of yearning. I do that a lot when reading your blog, actually…

    Like when I saw that pistachio fig cheese creation.

    Yep. I’m making the noise again.

  8. callie

    Ok, Wow, your balsamic fig cheese looks amazing – I love the idea of using pistachios! However, The kalmata olive cheese shuts it down, I need to make that!

  9. Tracie

    I LOVE raw protein powder…especially the chocolate. You did good by mixing it with bananas and frozen strawberries. Probably one of my all time favorite protein shakes. πŸ™‚

    Now the wheatgrass…I’ve really tried with the wheatgrass. I know all the health benefits, I just can’t get the whole thing down without it coming back up. LOL I think I’ll stick to sticking some in my green smoothies where I can hardly taste it. πŸ™‚

  10. Eli

    Hi. Wow. Beautiful photos!! For the hard cheeses.. How would you store them in the fridge after dehydration? In what kind of wrapper? Thanks!