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  1. Jess@Healthy Exposures

    I’m all for vitammins, too – even if my diet supplies a lot! Scarily, theres no where near the amount of nutrients in vegetables these days compared to how they used to be.
    Looks like you were sent some great products to keep in line with a raw and vegan diet!

  2. A Tablespoon of Liz

    I’ve never tried any of these products.. but the miracle red powder sounds really good! The green does as well but I’ve never seen a powder like that for red fruits/veggies!

  3. bitt

    I think a B-12 supplement is essential for vegans and vegetarians too probably. I don’t get why people are so afraid of supplements. I am more afraid of dead flesh.

    I have tried the Garden of Life products and Sun warrior. I like the vanilla sunwarrior but not the chocolate one. Odd mix with Stevia.

  4. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I’m in the no vitamins boat. I can totally understand why they are necessary for some diets though.

  5. callie

    I LOVE raw one vitamins – I take those along with their Kombucha + B Vitamin (but only one a day, instead of two). I love sunwarrior protein too, but also order rice and Gemma protein from Trueprotein.com – While they have a shi-ton of flavors, I stick to the natural stevia sweetened ones (which, are really just your basic flavors). It’s much cheaper than the sunwarrior, and most rice and pea proteins are processed with low temperatures any who, so I don’t mind the non-raw label.

  6. Hannah

    Amber! My oracle! As you know, having just got my Vita-Mix, I’ve been experimenting with smoothies, but Australia s *horrendous* in terms of non-scary-whey-male-body-builder type protein powders. I have just discovered, though, that I can order Sunwarrior online, $80 for 1kg (I think 2.2 pounds?). Would you actually recommend it, taste-wise?

  7. Nadia

    I do believe vitamins and minerals are crucial for everybody, not just the raw foodist and vegans. More so the standard ppl following the “american diet” of fast foods and sugars need the supplements even more…

    I just drink mine separately – vitamins & minerals, because some of them interfere with each other and prevent absorption. It’s a whole science out there for the right combining…

    But still, raw, organic & natural are much more better then the synthetic ones 🙂

  8. Michelle

    I’ve debated on buying those vitamins several times, but haven’t. It’s good to know that you like them. I will have to give them a try. I believe in vitamins also, even though I’m not taking any at the moment. I am doing the amzaing grass (chocolate) every morning though. I am so hooked on that stuff! :o)

    I am in search of a protein powder my self. I thought about buying some hemp protein powder to mix up for my post workout. Our workout schedule has gottne all messed up for this week though, but I plan on having everything planed out for next week. I’ll have to check the protein powder that you are using. I love seeing what other people take!

  9. BitterSweet

    Great to have more input on supplements… It’s hard to know what are the best options out there. I finally just tried the Sun Warrior protein powder after hearing about it for so long, and loved it! Can’t wait for the full 2 pounds of it I ordered to arrive now. 🙂

  10. GirlonRaw

    Great review on supplements thanks Amber, considering I NEVER take any myself. I just wouldn’t know where to begin. And I felt that when I was eating 99.9% raw (the most I have ever eaten raw) when I was at 105, I was not really in need of them. Maybe I need to check to see if I do.

    My thoughts on supplementation are if your diet is adequate then you don’t need, and I reckon my diet is up there compared to most, but I should really do some research for sure.

  11. Hungry Dancer

    I love Sun Warrior! Best protein powder!! I want to try the green and red powders though because it’s hard to get in all those leafy greens!!

  12. Andy Flower

    Nice posting… All supplements about 2010 review were so much effective. But, those price are expensive. Thanks…:)

  13. Melissa

    Really helpful blog :]
    I’m gonna try SunWarrior too since it’s the choice most rawsies go for!