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  1. Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats

    I’ve had the sea salt sommersaults before and, i agree, they are SO addicting and delicious!

  2. Ela

    I hope you had a great week too! Funny, as you were mentioning that the somersaults (sweet name!) were ‘like crack,’ I was thinking that your caramel brownies were probably neck and neck with them in the mentions!

    You’re only two weeks into the program, so I’m wondering whether you haven’t lost weight because you’re building muscle? Muscle being heavier than fat and all… Just saying. I know how frustrating it can be (am in a funk about similar issues myself right now) but I also know that cutting food when you’re exercising strenuously can be majorly counterproductive (I’ve done it too many times, so know of what I speak)

    I enjoyed some navy beans recently too-fun to see them on your plate. TVP is soy-based, isn’t it? Cool that you’re being so creative with it.

    I just prewrote a blog about our tapas party recently, for which I made a bunch of goodies, including a couple inspired by Matthew Kenney’s books. We’re traveling for the next couple of days and it’s scheduled to publish tomorrow probably early afternoon your time. It’s so much fun to have a party as an excuse to make stuff. But you’ve got a great excuse right there with your project.

    I’m getting fairly obsessed with this ‘low-sugar dessert’ thing. Really, with xylitol, stevia and the ‘texturers’ I’ve been working with, you can end up with a sweet dessert, that’s rich because of all the fat, but doesn’t give you the fat-sugar coma and, more strikingly even, doesn’t hurt your teeth.


  3. Hannah

    Oh myholy bucket, I think I just started to hyperventilate about the TVP porridge. I’ve always wanted to buy TVP but am scared it’ll just sit in my pantry forever – you’ve just given me the go ahead to get it into my life and mah belly πŸ˜‰ Cinnamon sugar? I’m thinking cinnamon sugar and sunflower seed butter…

    It’s also very mean of you to keep talking about the raw caramel-fudge brownies without sharing the recipe. *sticks out tongue*

    Now, onto slightly more serious-ish stuff – I’m no expert at all, but it’s only been two weeks – wouldn’t your body still be adjusting to the new routine? I wouldn’t think you’d need to be stressing about not having lost weight yet, particularly as I’m sure you’re gaining muscle.

    Oh, and the insatiable urge to make raw desserts? I am *so* getting there too. Made Rob’s key lime tart yesterday, and have already eaten one of the three mini tarts. And I really want to finish it so I can try the next thing πŸ˜‰

    Lastly… xoxoxo!

  4. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta

    I think in your lessons learned, #2 & #3 may be the reason for #1.

  5. A Tablespoon of Liz

    This all looks so amazing!

  6. Spumoni

    Dear Amber,
    This past week I decided to make raw mushroom tamales with mole sauce from Raw Food, Real World. They were excellent! I also whipped up the baked mac and cheese from Matthew’s latest book, Everyday Raw plus the Chocolate Cherry smoothie from the same. My son and I both wanted more chocolate, so the next day I added more cacao nibs and coconut water and less banana, and viola! Our perfect non-green smoothie!
    Finally, I got around to making the Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart with Vanilla Cream from Raw Food, Real World. I have been wanting to make this from the first time I held the book at Barnes and Noble. That was almost 9 months ago!! Anyway, my family (who is not into this whole raw or vegan thing at all) declared this the best ever raw dessert yet. (And I have made some pretty amazing cheesecakes and pies).
    Overall, it was a great week for raw food making until I badly sliced my thumb on my brand new mandoline. I thought I was being careful, but have learned a new lesson about mandolines: you can’t be too careful and must always either use the food pusher or wear the cut resistant glove your hubby bought you πŸ™‚
    Your chili looks great what are your basic ingredients?

  7. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Strawberry. Lime. Kombucha. Yum! Lot’s of great eats this week.

    My guess with everyone else is that you’ve gained some muscle, congrats! I think by the end of the month the report will be different.

  8. katiivey

    Guess who’s still alive… :> I’ve missed reading about your adventures! So P90X?! Cool!! And I’m inspired by the raw food.!

  9. Cliff @ lerawconteur

    that food has me drooling. especially the raw cake at the end. I HATE LOW GLYCEMIC THINGS! hahaha

    i got some springform pans for christmas and i think i’m going to whip up a phase 1.5 “key lime pie” in it. I’m glad to hear you guys are doing well with the p90x!

    Are you both feeling stronger? Have you gained weight? Lost it? Not to get all intrusive and weird. I was just wondering how you guys feel physically. (aside from insanely sore hahaha)

    thanks for sharing this!

  10. lily

    The somersault snacks are probably addicting because they have MSG…
    Autolyzed yeast extract=msg

    Why are you even a raw chef if you eat things that are commonly known as unhealthy? (soy for example)

    1. Matt

      I may be wrong about your intent; but, your question appears accusatory in nature. Are you REALLY interested in learning why Amber is a raw chef? Or are you just interested in criticizing and bringing a negative attitude to someone who is clearly open-minded and positive about life.

      If you’re interested in having an honest, open dialogue that respects the integrity it takes Amber to consistently put herself out there and be true to who she is, then think about phrasing your questions a different way.

      Otherwise, I’m left to assume you are a person of low integrity who trolls blogs and forums just to tear people down. Assuming that’s true, I could guess that you experience a lot of negativity in your personal relationships. I recommend you think about how changing your approach could lead you to more fulfilling relationships and real meaning from your conversations. What good is knowing something that you want to share if no one likes talking to you about it?

      Good luck in life,

      1. Noelle

        Well said Matt!~

  11. Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather

    Your week of meals sound delicious! That first week or 2 or P90X can be a big change on your body and muscle mass. My mom just went through the first week and said she gained 1 lb I believe… It’s probably balance out. They are tough workouts and you’l get results for sure!

  12. rachel

    i love seeing all this food you’ve been eating, and way impressed with all the raw stuff as well. wish i could do that! raw pumpkin cheesecake? hello yummy πŸ™‚

  13. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon

    Thank you so much for sharing your daily menus with us–it’s great inspiration for healthy eating, and I love to see potential of a high-protein vegan diet! You’re not alone in the urge to make sweets–I find that no matter how healthy I’m eating, I still have to have something sweet each day. And I’ve decided there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that πŸ™‚ You know, it’s such much better to feed yourself a homemade almond butter cookie than a store-bought Oreo, so I still consider my baked treats a part of my healthy diet!

    I’d love to hear more about how the workouts are going, too!

  14. Catherine

    Hi! I just found your blog when I was searching for others blogging about P90X. I am on day 5 and so far loving the workouts. A lot of the blogs I have found were men, so it’s great to find a fellow woman and vegan doing P90X. The food looks delicious! It’s making me hungry and the one thing that has taken a bit of getting used to is the P90X diet plan. I felt like I was the only vegan doing it, so great to find others.

  15. Jill

    Another great look into the life of a vegan p90xer. Lot of great food from the week…but I’m not really sold on the TVP oatmeal…

    The raw pumpkin cheesecake looks amazing!!!

    When you have such a clean, healthy diet it’s hard to loose weight. When you’re already a healthy weight, that makes it even harder. Cutting out the sweets would help..but that’s one of life’s pleasures isn’t it? Is it really worth giving up the sweet stuff? OK maybe most of us could live with a little less πŸ™‚

  16. fashionfitnessfoodie

    I was wondering if you had lost any weight with this yet! I cannot give up desserts either… It tells me that I am “done” with my meal though! That raw pumpkin cheesecake looks soooooo soooo sooo good!

  17. Noelle

    Thank you for your honesty Amber. I am also having trouble losing weight. I have lost the first 25 pounds but have been in a plateau the past 5 months. Yikes! My hubby wants me to start taking something to boost my metabolism more even though I have been working out and eating well. I am trying some of Garden of Life’s products so I will see how that goes. I do not care, but I can’t help eating desserts especially if they are natural. Why should I deprive myself? It is the portion control that is my problem!

  18. TheHealthyapron

    Hey girlie!

    I am doing the p90 porgram and I am just starting week 3. I have not lost any weight (which is okay with me) but I AM seeing results in my legs and arms! I went dress shopping this past weekend and LOVED the way my arms looked in the dresses I tried on! I also lost 1/4″ from my thighs! So, while I haven;t lost ANY weight…the gains are there!! I also feel stronger, especially doing the push ups! I have read on the forums that people shouldn’t even weigh until after 30 days, 45 days, and then 90 days. Some people don’t start seeing gains until the 3 rd month! just hang in there!! You ARE working hard!! Don’t focus on the weight! That can be too frustrating!

  19. Michelle

    The TVP oatmeal is really good? hmmmm πŸ™‚
    Those little Somersaults look really good!
    I haven’t tried the Amazing Grass meal powder, but I have seen it. I just looked up the Garden of Life and Sun Warrior raw protein powder. I wonder if there is anywhere that I could buy a few samples of each? Have you ever tried pea protein powder?
    Looks like you are still doing a great job with your meals! I am desperated need of going to the grocery store. I’m trying to hold out till the weekend though. πŸ™‚

  20. lindsay

    those are some insanely good eats. I think I must try out the tempeh bolognese withthe shiratake noodles. Those are my favorite. Or kelp noodles!

  21. darcy767

    Well, I was pretty proud that we made an all-veggie, hearty lentil soup last week, but I just realized that one of the ingredients was chicken broth. But, but, it was homemade chicken broth that Lark made and the tomatoes were from my garden, so maybe that cancels out, karma-wise? πŸ™‚

  22. Simply Life

    Oh that chili (along with everything else!) looks soooo good!

  23. Lori

    Oh lordy, lord. You win for most amazing food in a single blog post. I just ate and I’m hungry again…

  24. Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel

    those somersault snackies look SO YUMMY! i like that theyre really thick too! mmm and THAT CHILI!!!! nom nom nom πŸ™‚

    i applaud anyone who does PGX90. it seems quite hardcore which is also appealing too lol. <3

  25. Gina

    So glad I found your blog. My husband (not vegan) and I are about a week behind you on the workouts. I’ve been trying to do Eat to Live with it, but I felt like I needed more structure. I just found the vegan nutrition guide for P90X, and I’m thrilled. I probably found it about two google hits before I found your post.
    It’s good to know there’s a fellow Kansas Citian doing the vegan P90X thing! So, in week 3, are you still as sore?

  26. Monica Soto

    Where can I get the recipe for the Kidney bean-corn-TVP chili? It looked so good I wanted to lick my computer screen. I held back.

    But it was tough.

  27. Sarah (appifanie)

    That all looks great! Those somersault things look great – I’m definitely not buying any πŸ˜€