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  1. Noelle

    HE he he, nice last 2 pics! I am cold over here too! Yummy eats Amber.

  2. Elizabeth@The Sweet Life

    I love this glimpse into how you’re making your diet and workouts work for you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cliff @ lerawconteur

    That food looks amazing. Speaking of tortilla chips, have you heard of “absolutely abeba’s krazy krackers”? It’s this woman who is the queen of all raw food crackers, and her recipes are actually amazing. I saw her on youtube once and she cracked me up, so I bought one of her ebooks. I’ve only tried one recipe but the results were fantastic, and she teaches you how to make the perfect cracker. I’m about to do a post on it! Definitely try them!

    That lentil stirfry thing looked so f-ing good. I am excited to go back to 80-20 so that I can eat those types of things!

  4. Matt

    How did a guy like that get hooked up with a good lookin’ girl like you?!

    (I didn’t know Amber would post this candid photo of my impeccable fashion sense. For the record, that scarf was hand-knitted by my mom.)

  5. ohallthishappiness

    Such awesome eats – id PAY for you to come cook for me!

  6. Lucie

    Your meals always looks so yummy!

  7. Monica Soto

    Your gazpacho looks so much better than any gazpacho I’ve ever had. Maybe I should try making it myself someday.

    Oooooh and your green smoothies look fantastic. I want!

  8. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Lots of yummy stuff! I need a high-speed blender so I can make smoothies as luscious-looking as that!

  9. Simply Life

    Hope you’re staying warm! All those meals look incredible, especially the “taco meat”!

  10. Lori

    His and Hers smoothies! So cute! And they look super thick- yum! And damn, that lentil stew looks incredible! As does all the meals here!

    So, with all that delicious food and all that P90X, what are your results???? Increasing weights? Having fun? Do tell! Are you sort of going by the nutritional requirements via the vegan guide to P90X?

  11. bitt

    I wish I had some snow to blame. I blame the greyness instead. Everything looks delicious. I miss tofu.

  12. Ela

    I didn’t want to ask you about the weight: ok, I didn’t mention it. We’re going to keep it under the hat and keep it good and not jinx it, and you’re going to do just wonderfully, and soon you’ll be able to emerge from the ocd-counting chrysalis and be delighted with yourself and your body!

    Good for you! And thanks again for sharing all the scrumptious-looking food

  13. Aparna

    The taco meat and tofu mole look great!

  14. Hannah

    Would you like a couple of degrees from sunny Canberra? ‘Cause while I loves me some heat, it’s hard to sleep when your apartment is sweltering hot…

    Love your mix of raw and cooked, and most of all I’m glad to see the desserts are still there 😉 The tempeh-stuffed omelette sounds all kinds of amazing! And I definitely am going ot make your blondie, ‘cept I just made raw nacho cheeze and having eaten half the batch in one day, methink I shoudl be going easy on the nuts for… erm, just today. 😛

    Also, your sexy faces? Be still my beating heart.

  15. Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather

    Your eats look seriously delicious! I’m blown away by everything you make.

  16. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Yum! I can’t wait to try some of those meals!!

  17. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon

    We also sit on the floor and use the computer at the coffee table! Mainly because it allows the pooch to get some lap-time with us since she’s not allowed on the furniture 🙂

    Your eats look awesome–so much diversity! If those wheat balls are anything like Veganomicon’s Bean-balls, they’re surely a winner (I LOVE those things!).

    Hope you’re having a great Tuesday 🙂

  18. gidgetnfroggi

    I love that book vegan on the cheap. I’m going to make some lentil spinach balls from the daniel fast I’ll post about them later this week or weekend.

  19. wolfenstein

    hahaha so funny!! you look happy

  20. Sarah (appifanie)

    Oooh so good! Everyone’s green smoothies always look better than mine! If I come over, will you feed me?

    I love those omelets – yours looks great! I’m going to go back and look at all the food again 😀

  21. Kelsey @ Clean Teen Kelsey

    Oh my goodness Amber, I am dying over all your fabulous meals!! Can I just come live with you and eat all the meals you eat? Hahah, I’m kidding of course. 🙂 Everything looks great, and way to go on the raw food! I’ve been working on incorporating a lot more raw food into my diet, too, especially where veggies are concerned. I feel so fresh and energized. 🙂

  22. Ricki

    How did I only stumble across this post now? Of course all your eats look amazing–and thanks so much for the mention of the tofu mole! Glad you enjoyed it (way back then). 😀