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    WOW…better than the food is MATT!Both of you are lucky kids!!

  2. shanna

    I love Blue Nile, such a great place! I’ve been going to the KC Raw Meetup for a few years, but it’s actually been awhile since I’ve been to a potluck. Natalie, one of the organizers, is bringing a Cafe Gratitude restaurant to KC this year! We are definitely moving up in the vegan/raw world. 🙂

  3. aubrey

    that looks so yummy! all that raw food. YUUUUM

  4. tara@veganpiggy

    Amber! That looks so much cuter than the original. How fun to have a new location so close. That’s making me want to go there. It’s been a while. Yum! Also, cool to know there’s so many that take part in a local meetup 🙂 I hear there’s a (non raw) vegan one too? Thought I looked it up once. Very cool. That coffee sounds delish!

  5. Raw_Girl

    Nice blog you have here. I’m vegan and 60% raw – do drop by at rawgirlinmumbai.blogspot.com!


  6. Sarah

    That place is adorable! I’ve had Ethiopian once and really liked it but that was years ago and there’s none anywhere near me 🙁

  7. Hannah

    Aw, how wonderful and amazing that the woman voted for you in the competiton? See? Clearly ‘most everyone knows you deserve to win. Well done for braving the meet-up – very proud of you. Hopefully, by doing this kind of thing every now and again, you’ll be able to build up a few more friendships supportive of where you are in your life right now. At least, until I come visit and you don’t need no one else 😉 (teehee!)

    Well done to Matt too, for treating his lady love right. Did I tell you that I went to an Ethiopian restaurant for the first time in December? Love injera!

  8. Teigan H.

    Have you heard of Marathon Ethiopian? It’s on Independence Avenue. A group of friends and I went there a couple of weeks ago. They were delicious and cheap! They have a menu on restaurant.com Watch out for the green beans on the veggie sampler, I think there might have been butter in it.

  9. Cliff Champion

    what a great coincidence! that must have been an awesome confidence booster.

    i am going to a raw potluck in malibu on valentines day. there’s a 2 hour yoga class with “kali ray” a swami who has a pretty big following in Europe. should be sweet!

    glad things have been going well!

  10. Noelle

    Nice! We have a raw foods meetup every 1st monday of the month but I have yet to go. I have been aprehensive about it despite my general like for meeting new people. i will eventually make it. What a small world indeed when you found out that lady voted for you! COOL!

  11. movesnmunchies

    all that raw food looks AMAZING!!! ahh i wish i could just eat it allup!

  12. Hillary Dyan Davis

    LOVE mushroom shiro! (obviously, if I made a raw version ;D) I need to get over to that new location, but the lack of happy hour makes me sad.

    I’d totally go to a raw food meet-up with you!

  13. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    That is too crazy that you met one of your voters! Everything looks totally delicious at that meetup. I have only gone out for Ethiopian food once, and while I loved all the sides, I just really didn’t like the injera. It might have been the fault of just that restaurant though, I need to try it again.

  14. callie

    Dammit – I’m so upset I wasn’t able to make this weekends potluck! The lees summit one (also run by Jane) is equally as big. It’s amazing/awesome that many people in KC have an interest in raw foods!

  15. Michelle

    How sweet of Matt! My brother-n-law owns a coffee shop where I live. They roast coffee daily and one of my favs is their Ethiopian. It’s all organic fair trade coffee. Do you drink coffe at home? They order the beans green and rost them daily.
    That is totally cool about the raw food meetup….you meeting a lady that voted for you….That’s just crazy! :o) I don’t think I would be able to go to a meetup like that by myself…I’m too shy when it comes to something like that. Good for you for going though! :o)

  16. hihorosie

    fun post! And glad you mentioned about your hands not being that big – that made me laugh. I’ve never had Ethiopian food but sure looks like a fun place with a great menu. And the meetup looks tasty too. Love meetups.

  17. Lori

    I think Ethiopian food is in the air or something cause EVERYONE is posting about it. I made some amazing ethi-dish last week, too! YUM.

    That restaurant sounds amazing. I truly love Ethiopian food. And what an amazing guy you have! Wow. Do men actually say those things?! I need to find one… does Matt have a brother that just happens to live in California? 😉

  18. Katelyn

    I absolutely LOVE Ethiopian food! There is a vegan Ethiopian restaurant down the street from my house that my family and I cannot get enough of…aka, each dish is four dollars and HUGE, so eating is not too expensive! Your raw meetup looks so fun, I had one a few weekends ago at a brunch and it was SO good…raw banana crepes!:)

  19. Lauren

    I’ve never tried Ethiopian food but it looks fantastic! I’m always on the lookout for new cuisines to try. I keep hoping some other sort of ethnic restaurant will open up nearer to me than Chicago!

  20. bitt

    looks like a fun meetup. i have had ethiopian food but can’t do the enjira. i want to make my own sometime.

  21. Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather

    I’m the same way around new big groups, but after a few minutes the shyness goes away. All those raw eats look so good!

  22. Ela

    That restaurant sounds awesome–envy over here! Amazing on the gf/vegan desserts, and all the lentil love is awesome.

    And what sweet serendipity that your new friend had voted for you! That’s way cool. Kudos to you for going to the meetup: sounds like a huge one! I know it can be ‘scary’ and overwhelming, but worth it for sure.


  23. GirlonRaw

    I had no idea that Ethiopian food could be VEGAN. Oh yay!!! Take me there when I come by next year?? (I put it on my vision board to hit up the states next year with both boys in tow)

  24. The Robertsons of Mumbai

    Oh, yum! Why is it that it seems like all Ethiopian restaurants are named “Blue Nile?!” Looks like great food, though!

  25. fitandfortysomething

    gosh what feasts! you and matt look like you had so much fun 🙂 and who knew that ethipion food could be vegan!

  26. lindsay

    I love ethiopian food. that injera bread is amazing. Still trying to find a way to make it gluten free. hmmm…

  27. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon

    SO much good food here! The vegan mousse torte would definitely have my heard (as would the orange vegan cupcakes!). And the raw food meet-up looked like fun as well 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week!

  28. jakethy

    Oh, sure! Overland Park gets an Ethiopian restaurant after I move away. Well, actually I moved away 10 years ago, so I’m not really bitter, but it’s weird to think you guys have that option now. Boston is great for Ethiopian food and I’m glad it’s found its way to the midwest. I’m a KCAI alum and I sure miss midtown.
    I got my girlfriend a dehydrator for her birthday, so the vegan and raw recipes are on the rise.
    Now I just gotta get my tiny, plastic co-writers to find an Ethiopian dish to review.

  29. jane saracino

    Just put in my vote for you! Hope you win, you deserve it!

  30. Megan @ Healthy Hoggin'

    It figures that when I move away from Kansas City, I learn about this COOL raw food meet-up there! Sounds fun!

    I’m actually going to be in Overland Park, KS next week for a business trip, so let me know if you want to get together while I’m there! I need the “scoop” on good places to eat in KC now that I’m not living there anymore!

  31. Jenny

    I’m proud of you for stepping outside of your comfort zone by attending the meet-up. I’m the exact same way. I get so nervous going into a party of people. That’s so cool that the woman saw your video and voted for you! Good for you!

  32. rachelsmusicalkitchen

    I have never had Ethiopian food before. We’ll have to go there together sometime. 🙂
    Also, I’m so glad you decided to go to the KC Raw food meet up. I remember we talked about it. Maybe I could go with you to the next one.