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  1. Elizabeth@The Sweet Life

    Room service is really the ultimate in luxury–I love it!!! So relaxing, and often delicious.

  2. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I cannot believe you left that bake shop with ONE madeleine! You have the willpower of a zen master.

    Also, OMG sesame ball.

  3. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    OMG that food looks delicious! I think I would have ordered a ton of pastries at that bakery…yum!!

  4. Noelle

    First of all Ilike that “fork tender” part. Hilarious! Sea lions are the best!! That is the biggest sesame ball ever, and I bet it was delish! Yes, my first Loving Hut experience was in Houston. Food was fantastic but when I read about their whole mission behind what they do it creeped me out. I also just saw that their Supreme Master group started following me on Twitter. Even creepier. Anyway! Love your post!

  5. veganlisa

    Another fabulous day in San Fran!

  6. (what runs) Lori

    I’m sorry but HOLY SHIT. That food looks INCREDIBLE!!! Ok, I have to go back- who cares how much it costs! it’s soooooooo good! Wow. I want to lick the screen… mmmm.

    Giant sesame ball. hehe.

  7. lindsay

    gosh, that looks like a fantastic time! I love San fran and all the character it brings, especially to food!
    Now i need a nutella latte ASAP!

  8. Jenn Una

    Hey Amber, I’m following you vicariously around SF from over here on the other side of the bridge! Enjoy yourselves….

  9. Ela

    Those sea-lions are just so much fun, aren’t they. I can listen to their arr-arr-arr for hours.

    Your breakfast didn’t look like it would last anyone for more than an hour or two, if not make you more hungry than when you started! I hope that the lunch made up for it.

    Millennium sounds like a pretty awesome venue: I’m glad you’re making such good use of your time in the City.

  10. jakethy

    Bizarre synchronicty – ‘just got back from NY where we had lunch at a Loving Hut – tomorrow’s post will feature one of the sandwiches – very weird to see it on yours too at practically the same time, opposite coasts.

  11. bitt

    So glad you got to Millenium. San Fran is so much fun. Glad your Loving Hut experience was OK, mine left much to be desired in Seattle.

  12. Sondi

    I was in San Fran a few years back and went to Millennium. It was phenomenal food – I’ve never quite had anything like it since.

  13. Hannah

    (okay, I’m scrolling down and up to type this, so bear with the patchiness of my comments…)

    AH! Are you FOR SERIOUS? Seals were my favourite as a kid too! There was this one book about a girl befriending an injured seal and ultimately letting it free that stole my heart (like Free Willy.. but for readers 😉 )

    I’m also excited by your Loving Hut dishes because one of the only vegan restaurants in Canberra is called Au Lac 😛

    !!!! I also adore red bean paste. When I was in Japan, I was physically unable to stop myself from buying anything that was both matcha and red bean flavoured.

    And then, the peanut butter dessert? Speechless.

  14. Callie

    Oh Em Gee – Everything looks delish – Seriously, Why can’t we have sh*t like that here!? 🙂 Looks like you’re having a great time! I’m not a tour person at all, but the tour of Alcatraz is amazing – If you get the chance time wise, or, ever go back – you’ll have to partake.

  15. Green Beet

    I LOVE Millennium! Went there last October to celebrate our anniversary. Second best vegetarian dining event I’ve ever experienced (dinner at Ubuntu in Napa has always been #1).

  16. Aparna

    Aww, the sea lions are so cute! And Millenium looks phenomenal. Looks like you had a great view of the city at night–which hotel did you guys stay at? We always stay at this one hotel in Nob Hill which has 360 degree views of the city 😀

  17. Michelle

    I love sealions….how cool! What awesome food that you have been eating! I think I may need to go to San Francisco some day…awesome pics!

  18. Jenny

    I’ve always wanted to go to Millenium so I’m glad to know it was a great experience for you. I can’t remember if I ever said congratulations on your win. I read about it as soon as it came out, but I wasn’t typing much on the computer then since I was sick. So if I didn’t already say it, “Congratulation! So happy for you!”

  19. rachelsmusicalkitchen

    Haha, I have to laugh because I find myself reading about and seeing Matt’s meals before yours and being turned-off. But once I see your meals, even though they sometimes have things in them I would not eat, they definitely sound better. Looks like you had a fabulous time in San Francisco! And you got to see sea lions! 😀
    I’ve never ordered room service before either.
    Oh! And if I ever get to go to San Fransisco, I am DEFINITELY going to find Mara’s Italian Pastries!!