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  1. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Oh, the noble cinnamon roll, how I love thee. I cannot believe you guys ordered frosting shots, that is ridiculous! I am ogling that shawarma wrap with major lust.

  2. bitt

    So decadent! I’m in carb coma just looking at it. Funny that Cinnaholic was just mentioned in the VegNews bucket list.

  3. Jennifer

    These past few entries of your trip to San Fran has convinced me to go… driving down from Seattle for a Vegan feast!!

  4. eliz@thesweetlife

    Oh my gosh–that cinnamon roll is enough to get me on a plane right now!

  5. Hannah

    Oh. My. God. I’ve never, ever had a cinnamon roll in my life, and then you show me that cookie dough temptress, which is a billions hours’ flight away? And FROSTING SHOTS? How did America get to be so cool?

    I’m in awe. I also have always, always loved the word olallieberry 🙂

  6. Simply Life

    can I just follow you around all day and eat everything you do? it always looks SO good!

  7. Ellen

    Total foodgasm all over this cinnamon roll picture right now

  8. Green Beet

    Herbivore – bleh! Hit or miss every time I eat there. You’re just two hours from Sacramento .. you want to have incredible vegan food? Come to Sacramento and eat at Sugar Plum Vegan Cafe; best vegan food I’ve had anywhere. ♥

  9. Aparna

    The food from Cinnaholic looks incredible! 🙂 *drool*

  10. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I was on our New Orleans trip, enjoying the evening in a coffee shop with Adam, and an e-mail popped up on my Blackberry that YOU’D WON!!! I was super excited and couldn’t wait to wish you a big congratulations!

    Second, I’m left speechless at the sight of this vegan cookie dough cinnamon bun. Speechless. You’ve got to find a way to re-create it!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip to San Fran 🙂

  11. veganlisa

    Wow! What a day. I’m so excited to tour the SF food scene. Enjoy your last day in the city.

  12. Angie @ The Fitness Apple

    Oh wow, the last picture of the pie looks super delicious! I really like it! I would love to try one of those cinnamon rolls to! I subscribed to your blog! Love it looks like we have a lot of passions about food in common! Looking forward to your next post

  13. unbelloaperitivo

    Those cinnamon rolls look out of this world!

  14. shanna

    OMG those chocolate cinnamon rolls look to live for! Yummy!

  15. Mom

    You know how I love sweets…and cinnamon rolls are one of my favorites. Your cookie dough one looks awesome. Bring me one?? :o)

  16. Noelle

    Yes, thank you for reminding me that I have a review for Cinnaholic to do before I forget again! Their cinnamon buns ARE delicious! That schwarma wrap looked good too!

  17. Ela

    I love your middle-eastern tenacity at Herbivore! I remember flatbreads with za’atar on them fresh from markets in Israel when I was a kid (before I realized about being allergic to gluten)–something about that particular herb blend is just stunning.

    I used to live in Berkeley and can’t picture Cinnaholic–is it relatively new? Being a gluten shop, may not have been on my radar, but it looks like a striking front. And what a score with the ugly ducklings! Did you enjoy the BART?

  18. Spumoni

    Frosting shots!?!? I feel light headed just reading about that much sugar! Oh, the flavors, though!
    I’m off to a ladies’ retreat this weekend in Laguna Woods, minutes from Laguna Beach (of course we have flash flood warnings! lol) Anyway, I get to cater the lunch on Saturday for the ladies. It’s all vegan, and partially raw. I’m excited, I just love getting to make lots of food! I also made some yummy raw brownies to take for munching on in my room. Before I return home, I hope to get lunch on Sunday at Au Lac, keep fingers crossed:)
    As soon as I get back, I’ll look to read all about your last day in SF. I’m so happy to see how wonderful it’s all been for you two. Blessings to you both <3

  19. The Robertsons of Mumbai

    O.k. – so you officially had the best cooked vegan food day EVER in my book! I think I will say that it trumps the Mexican from the other day. I would have felt sick as h*ll after all that frosting, though. I’m getting too old for the wild life! Lol!

  20. Conner Murphy

    as far as health is concerned, most vegan cooked food is not good for you, but I am sure it was tasty:)

  21. Callie

    Holy effing moly. Umm, I. Want. One. Now. (in ref. to the cookie dough cinnamon roll, of course)

  22. Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather

    Those cinnamon rolls look out of this world! Vegan food has never looked so good 🙂

  23. A Tablespoon of Liz

    Those cinnamon rolls look too good to be true!

  24. GirlonRaw

    Ok that place Herbivore is looking pretty damn nice and I love all the Middle Eastern flavours (zaatar and shwarma!) Would feel like I never left Saudi 🙂

  25. Olivia

    Ok, I have totally lost all words…Everything in this post looks so freakin’ amazing!!! Especially, those cookie dough cinnamon rolls omg it looks like a plate of heaven on earth!!! I am completely 100% convinced I could live in San Fran if I had foods like this everyday:) Anywho, I’m so so SO happy to find your blog and I’m loving all your posts! Adding you to my reader; can’t WAIT to read more!! XOXO

  26. Natalie

    This honestly all looks incredible. Just, ah! Oh my gosh. I’m going to California(but not San Fran) in a couple weeks with my family-how great it would be if they appreciated vegan food like this!

  27. Amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler


    (That’s my reaction to the vegan chocolate chip cookie dough cinnamon roll.)


    (yeah… still reacting…)

  28. rachel

    so jealous of all this delicious food you are eating hehe. looks like you are having a blast 🙂

  29. Christine

    what a super blog – I’ve only been to the USA once, to Washington DC for a few days, but I really NEED to go to San Francisco now to eat at all those wonderful restaurants:) How do you fare in Kansas for eating out?

  30. Lesley

    Those cinnamon rolls look amazing!! I would have been happy to take the “ugly” ducklings of the morning, ha.

  31. Laurel Alanna McBrine

    Wow, that is some good looking food. I love San Francisco – such a great city for walking around and abundant vegetarian eating!

  32. Bobbie @thevegancrew

    Chocolate chip cookie dough cinnamon roll? YUM! Want to bring some back to KC? 😉

  33. Amalia

    OH, AMAZING!!! Wish I could get that kind of fantaaastic food here in Sweden!!!

  34. rachelsmusicalkitchen

    Oh, WOW! What exactly are frosting shots? Is it just frosting that you eat by itself? What an awesome experience. And that wrap looked amazing.