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  1. Jill

    Oh man what a lucky guy! Those strawberries look heavenly!!

  2. Noelle

    I can’t wait to make them! Seriously!!!!! I have her e-book and must get on the bat for sure.

  3. tastyeatsathome

    OMG. Just…OMG. These look amazing.

  4. bitt

    This book looks so amazing! I need to add it to my list…a mile long of books to get. 🙂

    Of course I make my own raw chocolate a lot. I’d love to try this book.

  5. Tanya Alekseeva

    You really are an angel! I am certainly feeling very privileged and flattered right now, what a great Easter present you’ve just given me! xxx

  6. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Oh…WOW. I love her site, everything looks killer crazy good. Those strawberries are so much better than a birthday cake, I would undoubtedly eat them all in one sitting!

  7. (what runs) Lori

    Um, omg. I have no idea what to say about this except YUUUUUUM. And wow. And I want one of those strawberries with the raw caramel! Seriously wow!

  8. Michelle

    I love chocolate covered strawberries and those look fab!

  9. GirlonRaw

    Can you believe I was only just thinking about this book this morning. Am totally going to get it too. Loved your review, and even better the pictures in the book. Stunning.

  10. Ela

    Ha, I just turned 34 too! What an awesome bday surprise, and man oh man, this looks like a chocolatier’s dream. I love your monograms and want to see what she did with the white choc. Damn, I may just need to get that book!

  11. movesnmunchies

    umm ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! seriously about to EAT this page!

  12. Callie {Rawxy}

    hahaha – I love the chocolate covered strawberries iced with a message – Too cute!

    And… Damn you, now I’m wanting to order this book! Everything looks wonderful!

  13. crafty little tree huggers

    they all sound tasty anything with chocolate and strawberries and I’m in!!!

  14. gidgetnfroggi

    they all sound great anything involving chocolate and strawberries and I’m in! 🙂

  15. thequirkykitchen

    woah! Talk about mouth watering! I may have to download a copy of this ebook asap!

  16. jamie @ make-it-healthy.blogspot.com

    I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. =)

  17. Jess from Midwest Vegan

    Aww! What a thoughtful gift! 🙂
    They look delicious!!

    I’ve really been wanting to get into (simple) chocolate-making, and this ebook seems exactly like what I’ve been wanting! Thanks for the review, I’m going to check it out!

  18. Jess@HealthyExposures

    I don’t consider myself a chocoholic. That said, I’d be totally lying if I said my mouth wasn’t watering right now…I want just about everything you’ve written about AND pictured, chocolate or not!! Thanks for the review – I hadn’t heard of the book or the blog prior!

  19. Hannah

    *whimper* Raw chocolate is one aspect of raw desserts that I haven’t yet delved into, but oh Amber. These photos. The descriptions.

    Even though I think Matt is fantastic, he needs to accept how lucky he is that I haven’t yet moved to America. Because I aim to totally get you to marry me instead.

  20. rawkinmom

    okay, seriously…I have been thinking about purchasing this book but was hesitant….after reading your post I am going for it!!! Just for the choc. covered strawberries alone!!! I love how you made the happy Bday platter!!!

  21. Kate

    gahhh that raw chocolate looks amazing im drooling… my bf loves chocolate strawberries so he would die if he saw your amazing creations!! I just love the name of the book.

  22. Alisa from Antioxidant Buzz

    Wow! That book looks delightful…I’ve been waiting for something like this (coming from a dedicated chocoholic). How does she get her chocolate so thin and so hard? Guess I’ll have to read and find out 🙂

  23. lindsay

    wow, they all look good! Maybe the rawtella! I always wanted to try that.

  24. Simply Life

    Oh I’m drooling over all those photos!

  25. Ginger&Rice

    I saw all those pictures…
    and then I died.

    Imma go get me sum chocolate.

  26. Matt

    When she surprised me at the door with the strawberries, I was in shock. It was super-duper sweet of A. I DID love them! They were scrumptious. The chocolate didn’t overpower the fruitiness. I’m the type of person who hates to eat the letters on foods. Like birthday cake with the “Happy birthday” spelled out. I avoid that part until the end. So I savored the lettered ones the longest. Kisses, hugs, and licks to the best girlfriend on this planet!

  27. Livi

    OMG these are UNREAL! I love the pictures in this and I’m SUPER craving chocolate pb dipped strawberries now!! (I just found your blog on my bookmarks from forever ago and I guess I had forgotten all about it!) SOOO glad I found you again, and can’t wait to read more;) I WANT that book now:)