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  1. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I love cooked icings like this. Beautiful classic cake!

  2. Ela

    Wow, that looks beautiful. Gentle crumbs. I think it’s hard to get that kind of crumb without any gluten or eggs, so probably it’s helped by the gluten. And hey, if anyone’s uptight about the food coloring, they could use beet juice, right?

    I never heard of cooked frosting before–what’s the difference between margarine and shortening in that context? Non-hydrogenated, of course.

    One more question: in the fifth picture down, with the cakes pre-baking, what is that red appliance on the back right? Some kind of hotplate?

    I love the story of the traditional family cake coming from your dad’s side and being appropriated by your mom’s–and now you’re inducting Matt into the family fold too!

  3. Megan @ Healthy Hoggin'

    I love that you used “old fashioned” icing on this! (I’m not a cream cheese icing fan) I love boiled icings, so I bet this one would be right up my alley! Looks like an amazing cake recipe, too!

  4. (what runs) Lori

    Oh my gosh how decadent and incredible looking… you know what, who cares if it’s made with ingredients that aren’t exactly completely healthy. Once in a while, as a treat is great! Rev’s up that metabolism, right? 😉

    Looks great!

  5. lindsay

    heaven on a plate! I just love that color. Thats a good birthday cake meant to be SAVORED!

  6. vegansunshine

    I love that shade of red, it’s perfect! I bet it was yummy.


  7. sasha@blyssfulhealth

    Love the colour of this cake. I made you treats the other day that you posted for April in the Raw. They were good. I need to make something with this colour. It looks great.

  8. Hannah

    So, Lichtenauer, hey? Because I’ve never learnt the German language, I pronounced this in my head as “Lick-ten-ehr”. And then I decided that my pet-name for you from now on, which I shall whisper to you as I pat your head before going to sleep when I visit in future, is Licky. I feel this adequately encompasses our mutual love for naughty euphemism words.

    So, Licky, red cake! I’ve never had red (velvet) cake, as it’s clearly a very American thing. Also, no one in my family has ever had an iced cake for their birthday. I don’t think we’ve ever had layer cakes either. I’ve never made a layer cake. I’m starting to feel sad, Licky, the further I wander down this train of thought.

    You know, that doesn’t actually seem like that high a calorie count for an layered icing extravaganza either! Double woot!

  9. Matt

    It was sooo yummy and thus it existed in a very brief window of time. 😉 Thanks again, lover!

  10. Aparna

    That looks super-tasty–love the name of it and the giant whoopie pie photo

  11. Michelle

    Yummy!!! The cake looks and sounds so good. Nothing’s better than old fashioned icing like that. It reminds me of helping my mom when I was a kid.

  12. bitt

    So red and fluffy looking! Awesome that you adapted the family recipe. I have some German in me too.

  13. Mom

    Beautiful job, Amber. Turned out perfect!

  14. Jen@jensdaily

    Looks better than any cake I have ever made or bought!!!!

  15. thequirkykitchen

    Wow! I love the redness!! 😀

  16. rawkinmom

    I love making a healthier version of family favorites!!! 🙂

  17. Sarah

    This sounds like a vegan version of the cake my fam makes at Christmas! Thanks for veganizing it for me, now I’m all set for next Xmas?

  18. Jaz

    Beautiful cake but you really shouldn’t be using food dye! That stuff is awful for you! I’d use beet or strawberry juice next time, or this: http://www.sugarcoatedorganics.com/91-red-100-natural-food-coloring-.html