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  1. bitt

    Matt is a lucky guy, trifecta of desserts, awesome! The burrito looks good too.

  2. Alaina Rose @ Sweetness Of Life

    That food looks so delicious. And that cake! Holy Goodness. It seems like every blog I’ve looked at today has had some form of chocolate on it. I think that’s a sign I need to make something chocolatey today!

  3. Hannah (BitterSweet)

    Aw, you guys are such a sweet couple. Happy belated birthday, Matt!

  4. Charis

    WOW all that looks so yummy!
    I really need to try cashew cheese! Can you make it at home?? x

  5. kbcuisine

    I need to find me a good vegan/vegatarian restaurant.

  6. SquatLikeALady

    I need to get a food processer so I can make cashew cheeze!!!

  7. oatsandspice

    WOW – the food looks awesome! The cake looks so rich and chocolatey – YUM!

    Is this in Kansas City? I used to live in Overland Park for a year!

  8. Jess From Midwest Vegan

    Oh yes, I think I forgot to mention to you that I wish you good luck at Living Light academy! And Eden Alley sounds awesome! There are so many veg places in KC that I have yet to make it to!

  9. Hannah

    I just love you both. Happy birthday Matt!! (again)

    You know how to top this next year? TRIP TO AUSTRALIA WOOT WOOT.

    I’ll even make some English-inspired raw desserts in your royal honour, if you come.

  10. Livi

    Ohhh MY GOSH! The food you guys had for his birthday dinner looks spectactular! Glad to hear you had a great time, and love the desserts in here!! Love your blog girlie:)

  11. Callie {Rawxy}

    Awe, how cute! Pass on a belated Birthday wish to Matt for me… Even if he did think my cookies were salty 😉

    Have fun at Living Light!!

  12. jakethy

    Eden Alley was one of the first places that made me think I could eat vegetarian and be happy. I had to enter a 12-step program just to get over my addiction to their garlic mashed potatoes. ‘Glad to know they’re still there, and still awesome.
    On a slightly related and totally nostalgic note, the Beaumont Club, as you know, is right next door to Manor Square, home of the Tivoli Movie Theater that I managed for 7 years before moving out here to MA. After work, we’d walk up to Dave’s Stagecoach (or, “the ‘Scoach) cause the drinks were cheap AND I knew the bartender. And if we were still lookin’ for trouble, Buzzards Beach was the only place in Westport still open that late.
    Keep postin’ like this and the memories may make me move back there!

  13. lindsay

    oh I bet Matt was one happy camper! That place looks killer. You should have planned my husbands bday too. haha.

  14. sasha@blyssfulhealth

    Looks like a great celebration. Who could not love all of these desserts on their Birthday!!!

  15. Ela

    Sounds like a wonderful night out. I say don’t even think about next year: you’ll have a whole new universe of options by then.

    Excited for you going to Living Light soon!

  16. Sarah S.

    How fun! I have never seen a tastier looking tostada!!

  17. Kim Gordon @ Conveniently Natural

    Ooohhhh. Good reminder for me to get back to Eden Alley. Have fun at Living Light!

  18. Jen@jensdaily

    I have a girl crush on miss Kate M. as well; she looked absolutely perfect!!!!

    DAng, I need that burrito in my life, like now!

  19. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    I think I will have to try this place. I was at Unity yesterday for the Evolving magazine health fair and expo (I was doing some energy work there), and I kept thinking about this restaurant. Have never tried it…don’t have anyone to go with me. Husband refuses to go to ‘healthy’ places, and the few friends I have here in the city are carnivores. Everyone I know follows their blood type diet, and they are all O’s, which are meat eaters. I’m the only finicky ‘AB-er’ whose system likes this but doesn’t like that. One of the ladies I rode with wanted a milkshake from Winsteads, so that’s where we went. *sigh* Oh well, can’t complain…I didn’t pay for anything! I went to their menu a few days ago and was drooling over some egg salad bruschetta sandwich/salad thing. Doesn’t look healthy, but made my mouth water. 🙂