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  1. Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    Busy lady!! I’m so excited for your book though!! 🙂 Wooo!! 🙂

    Have fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Sunday!

  2. Kat M.

    doing dishes nonstop stinks! Our dishwasher recently took a poop and we are waiting on parts…it’s too hot to do dishes. Hope you enjoy yourself on your birthday. Wish things were less stressful! Excited to hear word on the recipe testers.

  3. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Wow, you are a machine! I cannot believe how much work you’re doing yourself. That is gonna be one awesome book!

  4. GirlonRaw

    Awww another Cancerian, I knew we’d get along 😉 Thanks for the shout out girl, and YOU ARE A MACHINE!!! But it will all pay off as we all know. xxx

  5. Ela

    Happy Birthday to you, and you rock!

    I think you have even less counter space than I do currently (although I’ve had similar setups in the past).


  6. bitt

    still haven’t watched many of these…i can’t believe last time I watched them all!

    be careful with yourself don’t burn out. hopefully the end is in sight soon. thank you for the service you are doing for the raw/vegan community. i know it can be hard to be so busy but coming from a perspective where my body can’t physically do what you do, be grateful for the energy your body has and that you mind works well enough to get it done. and you will.

    happy early birthday!

  7. Rachel Bighley

    We share the same birthday! Keep up the good work!
    from Science of Raw Food Nutrition Classes

  8. Mom

    If there’s one thing Amber is capable of, it’s hard work and success. She’s a go-getter and thank you to all of you Almost Vegan supporters!

  9. Simone

    Happy Birthday!!
    My husband, Jim, and my birthdays are both this Tuesday, July 12. I won’t mention how old we’ll be though 🙂
    I did watch about 20 of the videos so far, but like you, spare time is nil now so I’ve had to postpone the final watching. I will check out the ones you mention again as I do recall all but one.
    I am looking forward to that cookbook. I was encouraging a young lady at the bank today to follow her passion. Then I told her about you when she confessed she was considering going to culinary school (now that she’s just graduated with her degree in Accounting!!).

  10. Hannah

    Yay birthday! I’m absolutely certain that Matt will be concocting a wonderful weekend of pampering and lovin’ and cherishing, and I only wish I could be there to add my two cents to the celebration of the wonderful day in which Amber-the-goddess-of-all-tiny-kitchens came into the world. In fact, I wish I could be there to do your dishes while you worked Oh, how I wish!

    Keep taking care of yourself my lovely, and it absolutely will be worth it! Can’t wait to see/hear/read about the world bowing before you as you do your first book tour 🙂

  11. Mom


  12. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Happy birthday. Thanks for the mention. You’re incredibly sweet. Good luck with your recipe testing. That’s a lot of hard work.

  13. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    That’s so cute that your mom posted a comment, too 🙂

  14. rawkinmom

    awesome!!!!! THANKS for the shout out!!! 🙂 Super cool!! Happy birthday….it was my mom’s bday too!!!! 🙂

  15. Elizabeth

    Sending you some happy & positive uncooking energy as you crank through your recipes! YOU GO, GIRL! And a Happy Belated Birthday too! Hope it was fabulous! 🙂

  16. Haley

    happy birthday…the cat is hilarious!!

  17. sasha@blyssfulhealth

    Wow you sound busy with all that recipe testing. Hey you were in T.O.? Give me a shout next time you are there. I live about an hour a way. We could do lunch.